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33. Individual national championship in standard chess Radenci 2023 – Participants

The 33. Individual national championship in standard chess Radenci 2023 will take place from 25 April to 02 May 2023 in Radenci, Slovenia. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. It is a 9-round Swiss system tournament with participation of Jure Skoberne, Matej Sebenik, Marko Tratar, Domen Tisaj, Jernej Skuhala, Andraz Suta, Maksym Goroshkov, Zala Urh, etc.

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Full list of players :

1GMSkoberne, JureSLO2535
2GMSebenik, MatejSLO2523
3GMTratar, MarkoSLO2392
4FMTisaj, DomenSLO2378
5FMSkuhala, JernejSLO2303
6MKSuta, AndrazSLO2294
7Goroshkov, MaksymSLO2287
8WIMUrh, ZalaSLO2278
9MKPlaskan, JureSLO2258
10MKHerega, NejcSLO2188
11FMKovac, BorisSLO2170
12WFMSkuhala, BarbaraSLO2153
13MKJavornik, NikSLO2139
14ISkrbec, LeonSLO2094
15MKCentrih, AleksSLO2072
16WFMHercog, NusaSLO2054
17IKozlovic, JernejSLO2044
18Kodric, GasperSLO2037
19IIZalig, KristjanSLO1978
20IIVah, DenisSLO1940
21Novak, RokSLO1865
22IIPrevolsek, MihecSLO1846
23IIMarkosek, BineSLO1843
24IIZajdela, KarelSLO1810
25Keber, AljosaSLO1802
26IIGricnik, TineSLO1763
27IIMohr, PabloSLO1739
28IIIMarovt, NejcSLO1734
29IIKovačec, TilenSLO1700
30WIIBeber, AnjaSLO1686
31WIUrbanc, SuzanaSLO1655
32Zmaucar, MihaSLO1654
33Veselic, MaksSLO1649
34IICimperman, TeoSLO1603
35IIGlas, BrunoSLO1529
36Babarovic, FranSLO1527
37Radej, PikaSLO1494
38IIDimnik, MihaSLO1485
39Faganel, KajaSLO1469
40IVGacnik, AljazSLO1390
41WMKKovac, MajdaSLO1000
42IIIBelyaletdinov, LeonardSLO1000

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