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41st Rilton Cup – Round Eight

The Stockholm Chess Federation organizes the 41st Rilton Cup from 27th December 2011 to 5th January 2012.

This year’s tournament, with a prize fund of more than 200 000 SEK (about 20 000 euro), is being played in three groups: Rilton Cup, Rilton Elo and Rilton Open (the Open is only for Nordic players with a national rating lower than 1800).

Rilton Cup and Rilton Elo are rated with FIDE and played over 9 rounds of Swiss system. The playing venue is the Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, 111 20 Stockholm.

GM Aleksandr Shimanov from Sankt Petersburg defeated the former Rilton Cup winner GM Eduardas Rozentalis in round 8 to practically secure the overall first place.

Shimanov enters the final round with a full point advantage ahead of the chasing pack and a draw with GM Sergey Ivanov would cement the tournament victory. Even if he loses, the superior tie-break should hand him the winner’s trophy.

In the other games, GM Bartosz Socko beat his compatriot GM Grzegorz Gajewski to join the group on the shared 2nd place.

Round 8 standings:

1. GM Shimanov Aleksandr RUS 2549 – 7.0
2-5. GM Cicak Slavko SWE 2566, GM Solak Dragan TUR 2629, GM Ivanov Sergey RUS 2537 and GM Socko Bartosz POL 2635 – 6.0
6-12. GM Rozentalis Eduardas LTU 2586, GM Tikkanen Hans SWE 2586, GM Brynell Stellan SWE 2486, GM L’Ami Erwin NED 2594, GM Bakre Tejas IND 2509, GM Volkov Sergey RUS 2626 and IM Lindberg Bengt SWE 2415 – 5.5
13-20. GM Gajewski Grzegorz POL 2616, FM Sipilä Vilka FIN 2316, GM Berczes David HUN 2555, GM Bellon Juan ESP 2419, IM Nithander Victor SWE 2423, Johansson Linus SWE 2197, IM Semcesen Daniel SWE 2490 and GM Karlsson Lars SWE 2485 – 5.0 etc

Top round 9 pairings:

GM Ivanov Sergey 2537 – GM Shimanov Aleksandr 2549
GM Cicak Slavko 2566 – GM Socko Bartosz 2635
GM Solak Dragan 2629 – GM Volkov Sergey 2626
GM Tikkanen Hans 2586 – GM L’Ami Erwin 2594
GM Rozentalis Eduardas 2586 – IM Lindberg Bengt 2415
GM Brynell Stellan 2486 – GM Bakre Tejas 2509
GM Gajewski Grzegorz 2616 – GM Bellon Juan 2419
IM Nithander Victor 2423 – GM Berczes David 2555
IM Semcesen Daniel 2490 – FM Sipilä Vilka 2316
Johansson Linus 2197 – GM Karlsson Lars 2485

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