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65th Southend Easter Chess Congress 2023

The 65th Southend Easter Chess Congress – FIDE Open 2023 will take place from 07-10 April 2023 in Southend, England. The tournament format is 7-round Swiss system with time control 90 minutes plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. In the list below you can see all 34 registered players :

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtg
11IMBates, RichardENG2327
22 Domenech, VianneyFRA2249
33IMZapolskis, AntanasLTU2227
44 Shafi, DeclanSCO2202
55 Onslow, AlfieENG2174
66 Jones, StevenENG2143
77 Spence, DavidENG2134
88 Finn, PeterENG2127
99FMEames, RobertENG2124
1010FMBritton, RichardENG2106
1111FMDougherty, MichaelCAN2093
1212 Malinovskii, IliaENG2040
1313 Badacsonyi, FrankieENG2010
1414 Alldritt, NigelENG1993
1515 Ledger, SteveENG1992
1616 Ismailov, RomanLTU1952
1717 Badacsonyi, StanleyENG1949
1818 Myall, IvanENG1944
1919AIMKaras, EugeniaENG1925
2020 Brunello, RobertaITA1924
2121 Williamson, KevinENG1884
2222 Banerjee, SupratitSCO1871
2323 Barton, TomENG1828
2424 Staniland^, PhilipENG1824
2525 Freeman, AshleyENG1820
2626 Bharat Kumar, BalahariENG1782
2727 Bara, RaduROU1769
2828 Rida^, RuqayyahENG1762
2929 Deepak Ambattu, RithvikSCO1726
3030 Moss, ThomasENG1620
3131 Catabay, MaeENG1541
3232 Pereslavtsev, AlexandrENG1498
3333 Raikundalia, KrishnaENG1475
3434 Simms, JakeENG1805

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