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7-time world champion in solving competitions Piotr Murdzia on Goldchess

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Goldchess with $50 000 prize fund

Goldchess continues with the creative online tournament organization, including the Goldchess0, the Grandmaster corner event and the Rosija-America tournament. Piotr Murdzia, 7-time world champion in solving competitions, commented, “Rosija-America Tournament on Goldchess portal is unique, chess history has never seen such an event before”. And he goes on to explain his top 4 reasons:


It is absolute novelty, there is nothing like that on the internet. It is original. The Goldchess problems or combinations are not contained in any existing chess database. There has never been chess entertainment like this before!

Global and available for everybody – amateur and professionals

This means that anyone can play and there is no advantage for professionals to win over amateurs like it is in regular tournaments. In Goldchess everyone has equal chances and whoever is the first to solve the problem wins a weekly prize. The educational computer CEEC is not afraid of titles and rankings. In the tournament you actually play from a given generated position and look for a solution – victory, according to organizers guides.

Prize fund

With this kind of prize fund ($50 000, including two big shares: $10 000 – 8th round, $12 000 – 16th round), accessible for everyone who takes part in Rosija-America Tournament with equal chance of winning, it is a worldwide attraction. Compared to the prize fund the entrance is almost free and and also stress free – you play once a week, on Saturday, from a given position, against a CEEC computer on a 1800 ELO level. You don’t need to travel, no communication fees, no hotel or food, you play at your own home. In oth-er words – a fairy tale that is first of its kind.

Chess beauty

The portal Goldchess stands for beauty. There is all year long contest for the most beautiful game in the world of 2016. The prize fund there is $10 000. For this contest we accept games-candidates from participants of any tournament in the world. There is nothing left but to play and to send your game for the evaluation. We kindly invite you to do it.

Visit the official Goldchess portal

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