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79th Georgian Women’s Chess Championship LIVE

The 79th Georgian Women’s Chess Championship takes place from 6-15 June in the Georgian Chess Palace in Tbilisi.

LIVE broadcast of the games is available on the Georgian Chess Federation Facebook page, together with commentaries by GM Davit Jojua. The transmission of the live broadcast will be daily on (scroll down for pairings and results)

Bo.Rtg NameResult  NameRtg
12477IMJavakhishvili Lela     1-0  Esadze Tamari 1982
22287IMPurtseladze Maka      1-0WFMTsotsonava Elene 1915
31846WFMLomaia Diana      1-0IMGvetadze Sofio 2306
42368IMMelia Salome      1-0GMBatsiashvili Nino 2453
52135WIMVakhania Alexandra      1-0IMArabidze Meri 2448
11982 Esadze Tamari      IMArabidze Meri 2448
22453GMBatsiashvili Nino      WIMVakhania Alexandra 2135
32306IMGvetadze Sofio      IMMelia Salome 2368
41915WFMTsotsonava Elene      WFMLomaia Diana 1846
52477IMJavakhishvili Lela      IMPurtseladze Maka 2287
12287IMPurtseladze Maka       Esadze Tamari 1982
21846WFMLomaia Diana      IMJavakhishvili Lela 2477
32368IMMelia Salome      WFMTsotsonava Elene 1915
42135WIMVakhania Alexandra      IMGvetadze Sofio 2306
52448IMArabidze Meri      GMBatsiashvili Nino 2453
11982 Esadze Tamari      GMBatsiashvili Nino 2453
22306IMGvetadze Sofio      IMArabidze Meri 2448
31915WFMTsotsonava Elene      WIMVakhania Alexandra 2135
42477IMJavakhishvili Lela      IMMelia Salome 2368
52287IMPurtseladze Maka      WFMLomaia Diana 1846
11846WFMLomaia Diana       Esadze Tamari 1982
22368IMMelia Salome      IMPurtseladze Maka 2287
32135WIMVakhania Alexandra      IMJavakhishvili Lela 2477
42448IMArabidze Meri      WFMTsotsonava Elene 1915
52453GMBatsiashvili Nino      IMGvetadze Sofio 2306
11982 Esadze Tamari      IMGvetadze Sofio 2306
21915WFMTsotsonava Elene      GMBatsiashvili Nino 2453
32477IMJavakhishvili Lela      IMArabidze Meri 2448
42287IMPurtseladze Maka      WIMVakhania Alexandra 2135
51846WFMLomaia Diana      IMMelia Salome 2368
12368IMMelia Salome       Esadze Tamari 1982
22135WIMVakhania Alexandra      WFMLomaia Diana 1846
32448IMArabidze Meri      IMPurtseladze Maka 2287
42453GMBatsiashvili Nino      IMJavakhishvili Lela 2477
52306IMGvetadze Sofio      WFMTsotsonava Elene 1915
11982 Esadze Tamari      WFMTsotsonava Elene 1915
22477IMJavakhishvili Lela      IMGvetadze Sofio 2306
32287IMPurtseladze Maka      GMBatsiashvili Nino 2453
41846WFMLomaia Diana      IMArabidze Meri 2448
52368IMMelia Salome      WIMVakhania Alexandra 2135
12135WIMVakhania Alexandra       Esadze Tamari 1982
22448IMArabidze Meri      IMMelia Salome 2368
32453GMBatsiashvili Nino      WFMLomaia Diana 1846
42306IMGvetadze Sofio      IMPurtseladze Maka 2287
51915WFMTsotsonava Elene      IMJavakhishvili Lela 2477

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