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A very scary tournament by GingerGM

Report by Aga Milewska

A very scary tournament was held on 29.10.2022 in London organised by the well-known GingerGM
GM Simon Williams
. The tournament had taken a break due to Covid but returned to the crypt at St
Pancras New Church in central London, a perfect venue for Halloween ! Players were encouraged to
wear fancy dress and nearly everyone did.

Many chess luminaries attended this fun event including 8-time Russian Champion GM Peter Svidler
was sporting a Meerkat onesy and Mr Dodgy (Michael Duke) was doing his best Gandalf or that’s
what I thought it was.

Organisers Nevil Chan and Matthew Read constructed 8 groups of 8 each with a GM and IM and at
least one woman. Drinking during the games was encouraged and the bar was very busy creating a
fabulous atmosphere.

The other big name who played in this event: Included GM Jon Speelman, GM Danny Gormally, GM
Nick Pert, IM Richard Pert, IM Richard Bates IM Tom Rendle, GM Simon Williams of course, IM
Ameet Ghasi, IM Malcolm Pein and IM Richard Palliser.

There were a number of leading female players including WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni, Agnieszka
Milewska ( Director of Women’s Chess in England), British Women’s Champion Lan Yao and the
popular streamer Lula Rob.

This amazing chess event that will stay in our memories for a long time and hopefully Simon and his
team can do it again. We need more of these tournaments that connect players.

What’s played in the Crypt stays in the crypt but here is one swindle. Malcolm Pein – Blair Connell
1+1 . Group 2 Play off. White had been completely outplayed but prepared one last shot:

1.Re7! Now if 1…Nxe7 2.Nxe7+ picks up the rook but 1…Nh5! was still unclear and if 2.Be5 d2!) the
game ended: 1…Rg8 2.Nh4#

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