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Against the odds, Leela leads TCEC

Today is a another day in the World Chess Championship 2023 aka Nepo – Ding match and we focus our attention once more on the other World Championship going on at this moment. The strongest chess engines in the world – Stockfish and Leela Chess Zero – are battling in a 100 games match for the highest title in computer chess. Live: Official website Twitch: TCEC Chess TV

After 39 games, Leela Chess Zero is leading TCEC, against all odds and expectations. One year ago Stockfish conquered the world and set impressive records and the chess community did not expect a shift in the balance of powers any time soon. But the new Leela with Bt2 network has other plans – it is currently leading the Superfinal of the Top Chess Engine Championship.

Leela started with wins in games 1 and 3, but lost the advantage after a streak of Stockfish wins. By game 35 Leela equalized the score again and with an amazing Giuoco Piano win in game 37 (see the links below), Leela jumped into the lead. Current standings here

Stockfish remains a favorite, but this is the closest Top Chess Championship of the past years. Against all odds, any of the two engine has a chance to win. We might even be heading for a first in TCEC – a tiebreak. In the case of a drawn match there will be a rapid match of 16 games with a time control of 25′ + 10″ with random openings selected from earlier in the same Season. In case it is still tied there will be sets of Blitz matches of 8 games each, with a time control of 3′ + 2″ until a winner is found.

Replay the decisive games

Lc0 – Stockfish (Center game, Paulsen attack) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (Sicilian Najdorf) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (Sicilian Najdorf) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (King’s Indian, Averbakh system) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (Pirc, Austrian attack) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (French, Tarrash) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (King’s Indian, 5.Be2) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (Ruy Lopez, Chigorin 12. c5d4) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (Scandinavian) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (Scandinavian) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (French, Winaver, Alekhine Maroczy gambit) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (French, Winaver, Alekhine Maroczy gambit) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (Giuoco Piano) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (Queen’s Indian, Petrosian) 1-0

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