Alekhine Defense – by GM Roeland Pruijssers

The Alekhine Defense 1. e4 Nf6 is one of the most underrated surprise weapons out there. Truth be told, few players have studied it. Even if they have, this complete repertoire differs from other courses by showing you innovative and original ideas that are sure to give you imbalanced, dynamic, and complicated lines. Here is the new Chessable course by GM Roeland Pruijssers Lifetime Repertoires: Alekhine Defense

What kind of ideas are we talking about here?

A fresh approach in the Four Pawns Attack pioneered by Magnus Carlsen– you’ll prepare to fianchetto your dark-square bishop with 5…g6, forgoing taking in the center and adding pressure, an essentially new idea that opponents are not booked up against

♞ Against the Classic Variation (4.Nf3), White’s most popular response, you will play 4…dxe5 and fianchetto your bishop with 5…g6, giving you long-range pressure on the center and the dark squares

Avoid symmetrical positions by opting to take back with the challenging cxd6 in the Exchange Variation – you’ll get a more dynamic and complicated position than you would with the usually recommended exd6

Stop any of White’s own surprises – there’s nothing to fear against an early Bc4. Against the “sneaky 4.f4” you can launch an immediate center attack and get easy development and against the aggressive 4.a4, you’ll hit back with …a5, giving your knight a nice outpost on b4

Original ideas that avoid transposition if White tries to “play it safe” with 3.Nc3 by playing 3…e6, you keep a bit of tension and develop, forcing your opponent to think about what to do

…and any other line you can think of in the Alekhine.

What’s more, this course is structured with a flexible three-tiered approach to learning in mind!

Depending on how comprehensive you want your Alekhine preparation to be, you can start off by studying just the 40 lines in the Quickstarter Guide giving you quick overview, then add the Important Variations handpicked and highlighted by the author, while keeping the remainder of the course as reference material. This may be perfect for those adding the Alekhine as a secondary opening. Or you may head in full throttle, studying the entire course right away, if you want to know all the ins and outs of the Alekhine and make it the cornerstone of your Black repertoire.

The author, GM Roeland Pruijssers, has been playing the Alekhine for over two decades and to great success.

Now he wants to teach you the hidden secrets of this surprise weapon. This isn’t just a rehash of ideas already written; Pruijssers wants to make sure you play original, cutting-edge lines, which are sound and engine-tested. It’s an Alekhine course like no other.

Start surprising your opponents today with Lifetime Repertoires: Alekhine Defense.

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