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Amro El Jawich wins 47th Lebanese Chess Championship

The 47th Lebanese National Chess Championship was played from 18-27 May in Keshmat Chess Center.

The event attracted more than 50 entries who competed for the title of National Champion in 9 swiss system rounds. The top seed of the event FM Amro El Jawich won the event scoring 7.5 points. El Jawich did not suffer a loss during the Championship finishing ahead of the runner-up Giorgio Kaloust who claimed the silver medal with 7 points. Four players tied for the third place with 6.5 points but tiebreak criteria favored Joe Assaad who eventually clinched bronze. (scroll down for final rankings)

After this achievement, I look forward to represent Lebanon Lebanon in the Chess Olympiad 2022 held in India” said El Jawich.

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Final rankings – 47th Lebanese Chess Championship:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1FMEl Jawich Amro LBN23147.504150
2 Kaloust Giorgio LBN1942703748
3 Assaad Joe LBN18466.504052
4FMKhairallah Faisal LBN22396.503949
5 Maasarani Mahmoud LBN20146.503443
6 Salman Samer LBN19126.503340
7FMKassis Antoine LBN2202604152
8 Khoder Akram LBN2043603950
9 Moudallal Tarek LBN1939603949
10 Shihab Khaled LBN2024603445
11CMAl Kaoury Mahdi LBN20425.504152
12 Arkadan Adib LBN19025.504052
13 Ghnatios Ralph LBN17595.503949
14CMEl Mahmoud Abdulaziz LBN20545.503948
15FMSursock Sameer LBN20025.503748
16 Hammoud Nadim LBN18355.503646
17 Berbari Imad LBN1711503646
18 Kassar Paul LBN1449503443
19 Sharbel Marwan LBN1827503241
20 Kassar Bashar LBN1442503241
21 Tarabay Hadi LBN0503038
22 Ward Serge LBN1696502836
23 Farhat Jawad LBN17734.503849
24 Fawaz Mohamad LBN13074.503646
25 Karam Youssef Mark LBN13704.503544
26 Fawaz Nadia LBN12144.503443
27 Ferzli Dany Michael LBN04.503342
28 Saadeddine Adam LBN10754.503139
29 Mrad Charif LBN20094.503037
30 Attieh Skye LBN04.502533
31 Housseiny Ali LBN1291403340
32 Karam Raymond LBN0403140
33 Eid Wissam LBN1497403139
34 Darweeche Roaa LBN1548403038
35 Dia Ahmad LBN1459402938
36 Dib Danielle LBN1058402937
37 El Nawar Peter LBN0402430
38 Kashmar Ahmad LBN15423.503039
39 Bedrosian Danielle LBN16623.502835
40 Abi Rached Joseph LBN15063.502735
41 Assoum Nour LBN03.502532
42 Attieh Kate LBN03.502531
43 Maasarani Karim LBN12593.502331
44 Moughames Ronald LBN1734303138
45 Slim Nadim LBN1749302938
46 Moghnieh Hussein LBN14892.503443
47 Saadeh Antoine LBN15212.502837
48 Hamadeh Sally LBN02.502430
49 hassoun mohamad LBN02.502329
50 Abdallah Jennifer LBN1056202228
51 Arkadan Adam LBN11511.502128
52 Mouawad Antoni LBN0102227


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