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Andrey Stukopin and Anna Gvanceladze lead the Russian Junior Championships

The Russian Junior Chess Championships for men and women are taking place on 15th-28th April in Loo, right after the Russian Teams Chess Championship finished in the same location.

After five rounds, the open event is led by Muscovite IM Andrey Stukopin and the girls section by Anna Gvanceladze, who is also representing the Russian capital.

Stukopin started slow with two draws, but managed to win three straight games to take the pole position at the equator of the event. His sixth round game will be very important, as he faces rating favorite Vladimir Belous, who is half a point behind in the standings.

Gvanceladze also started slow, actually losing against Dina Belenkaya with the black pieces. However, she was able to recover and get three wins and a draw in the next four rounds.

Online broadcast of the games

Andrew Stukopin

Standings after 5 rounds – Open tournament:

1 IM Stukopin Andrey 2500 4.0
2 IM Artemiev Vladislav 2499 3.5
IM Belous Vladimir 2560 3.5
4 FM Gordievsky Dmitry 2443 2.5
IM Oparin Grigoriy 2496 2.5
GM Bukavshin Ivan 2522 2.5
7 Predke Alexandr 2481 2.0
IM Pakhomov Egor 2454 2.0
9 IM Eliseev Urii 2541 1.5
10 IM Chigaev Maksim 2454 1.0

Standings after 5 rounds – Women’s tournament:

1 WFM Gvanceladze Anna 2183 3.5
2 WFM Petrukhina Irina 2222 3.0
3 WFM Suslova Alena 2194 2.5
WGM Kashlinskaya Alina 2305 2.5
FM Pustovoitova Daria 2269 2.5
6 WFM Belenkaya Dina 2180 2.0
WFM Rjanova Valery 2170 2.0
8 Petrova Olga 2238 1.0
WIM Bivol Alina 2223 1.0

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