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Andscacs on par with Stockfish and Komodo after round 3

TCEC season 9The 3175+ ELO Top Chess Engine Championship (Stage 3) has proven the expectations to be the strongest yet most unpredictable event in computer chess. The balance of powers has put three engines on top after round 3, with none of the others far from the leaders.

Besides the two major contenders – Stockfish and Komodo – Andscacs (by Daniel José Queraltó from Andorra) is also sharing the top position with 2,0/3.

Their closest opponent is the new Houdini 5 dev. The general opinion of the experts is that Houdini 5 plays a lot stronger than its predecessor Houdini 4. A key note has been Houdini’s handling of the King’s Indian Defence. Exactly with this opening, in round 1 Houdini 5 dev defeated Komodo. Unfortunately for the Houdini fans, Komodo was set wrongly by the tournament operators and the game had to be replayed. In the second game Houdini was better yet again, but Komodo managed to get a draw.

At the bottom of the standings table are Rybka, Fire, and Jonny. They have 1,0/3, yet none can be discarded at this early stage as they have practically lost only one game each.

Replay the decisive games of TCEC R1-R3

Stockfish – Jonny 1-0 King’s Indian: Makagonov, 5…O-O 6.Bg5 c6
Andscacs – Rybka 1-0 Sicilian: Najdorf, 6.Be3 e5
Komodo – Fire 1-0 Catalan: Closed, 7.Qc2 c6 8.Rd1

Replay all other games here

Standings after round 3

1-3. Andscacs, Komodo, Stockfish 2,0/3
4-5. Houdini, Gull 1,5/3
6-8. Rybka, Fire, Jonny 1,0/3

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TCEC Stage 3 graphic by Ali, click on the image for full size

TCEC Stage 3 graphic by Ali, click on the image for full size

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