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Angola crowns National Chess Champions

The Angola National Chess Championships 2022 in Open and Women’s sections for classical, rapid and blitz time controls took place from 22-28 May.

The main classical event was played from 22-27 May with 35 competitors in the Open event. After 9 rounds played in swiss system, IM David Silva won the Championship scoring unbeaten 7/9 points. Three players tied for second position, all with the same score of 6/9 points: FM Sergio Miguel, Dias Vanderson and FM Manuel Alberto, with the tiebreak criteria deciding that Sergio Miguel takes silver and Vanderson Dias came third. (scroll down for final rankings)

IM David Silva was victorious also in the Rapid competition, convincingly winning gold with 8/9 points. Adilson Joao clinched silver with 7.5 points and IM Catarino Domingos was third with 7 points. As five players tied for the top of the National Blitz Championship, FM Ediberto Domingos, FM Eduardo Pascoal, IM David Silva, IM Luciano Oliveira and FM Domingos Junior proceeded to a playoff 4 round robin competition that determined the Winner. FM Eduardo Pascoal and FM Ediberto Domingos scored 3.5 points in the playoffs to tie for the first place, FM Domingos Junior was third with 2 points.

IM David Silva

Eight players competed for the title of National Champion in the Women’s section playing the 7 rounds round-robin tournament. WIM Esperanca Caxita triumphed with final score of 6.5/7 points, having half a point more than the runner-up WFM Ednasia Junior who clinched silver with 6 points. Jemima Paulo was third with 5.5 points. (scroll down for final rankings)

WIM Esperanca Caxita clinched also the Rapid National Women’s Championship with 5.5 points. Interestingly, WFM Junior Ednasia again claimed silver and Paulo Jemima came third as she had lower tiebreak criteria than Ednasia who had the same score of 4.5 points. The Winning trio was the same in the Angola Women’s Blitz competition, but this time WFM Junior Ednasia claimed gold, Paulo Jemima was second and WIM Esperanca Caxita took the bronze medal.

WIM Esperanca Caxita

Final rankings – Angola Open Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2TB3
1IMSilva David ANG231470525
2FMMiguel Sergio ANG227860553
3 Dias Vanderson ANG211060533
4FMAlberto Manuel ANG216760523
5CMSimoes Joao ANG21795.50532
6 Gama Edivaldo Jr ANG20615.50503
  Joelson Ricardo ANG19855.50503
8 Felix Claudio ANG20125.50494
9IMDomingos Catarino ANG22155.50493
10IMOliveira Luciano ANG214850504
11 Filipe Marcio ANG198950494
12FMDomingos Ediberto ANG216350483
13FMJunior Domingos ANG213850481
14FMPascoal Eduardo A ANG217050462
15CMLutuima Amaro ANG205050433
16CMAgostinho Tito Andre Quiela ANG20324.50512
17CMCambando Jose ANG21364.50493
18 Pacavira Adriano Paulo ANG20324.50462
19 Joao Mario ANG21654.50374
20 Borges Jose ANG196140481
21 Sousa Estevao ANG189240481
22 Andrade Pedro ANG188840452
23 Adelino Vasco ANG197540442
24 Domingos Sebastiao ANG196840413
25 Arao Gerson ANG18833.51.5382
26 Prego Bruno ANG03.51391
27 Missengo Laurindo ANG17643.50.5373
28 Cabuco Paulo ANG182430402
29 Sapalo Gabriel ANG206530372
30 Ribeiro Abilio Jose ANG192430362
31 Antonio Apolinario ANG189930352
32CMJulio Joao Manuel Dos Santos ANG200520382
33 Pungo Honorato ANG16341.50381
34 Da Costa Joaquim ANG17711.50360
35FMFrancisco Joao ANG182400270


Final rankings – Angola Women’s Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2TB3
1WIMCaxita Esperanca ANG19096.50196
2WFMJunior Ednasia ANG186560165
3 Paulo Jemima ANG17365.50135
4 Sussu Margarida ANG15974064
5WCMJoao Delfina ANG16823033
6 Pereira Gertrudes ANG02012
7 Kasivela Claudeth ANG01001
8 Kangolo Napingala ANG00000


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