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Anish Giri: A Detailed Guide to the Most Exciting Chess Games of 2022

Chess fans, the most anticipated chess event of 2022 is here, and Grandmaster Anish Giri is covering the most epic games of the tournament daily in this special Chessable course!

Chessable brings you this course to break down the chaos so you can appreciate the full beauty of these incredible moves and the minds that play them. Get the Chessable 2022 Candidates Tournament course by Anish Giri here You’ll get:

♞ A grandmaster walkthrough of the most exciting game of each round, by none other than Dutch #1 and super GM Anish Giri. Updated continuously through the tournament!

♞ A statistical breakdown of each combatant’s chances going into the match, provided by renowned statistician Chess by the Numbers

♞ Profiles of each player and showcases of famous moments in their careers

When the live commentary is done for the day, this course is the perfect way to dissect the games, learn from them, and enjoy them to the fullest. Get the Chessable 2022 Candidates Tournament course today.

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