Anish Giri releases Part 2 of his 1. e4 Lifetime Repertoires

Grandmaster Anish Giri brings you a robust repertoire which seizes Black’s half of the board before move ten — so you’d have all the space and time in the world to set up the winning breakthrough. If there’s one thing chess engines and super-grandmaster games have taught us, it’s that space wins games. And why won’t it? When you control more than half of the board, your pieces play to their full potential. Your advanced pawns close in on the promotion square. And because the opponent is too cramped to fight back, you have little counterplay to worry about. It’s a pleasant position to be in, and Lifetime Repertoires: Giri’s 1.e4 Part 2 takes you there fast.

Did you miss Part 1? Get your copy of Giri’s 1.e4 Lifetime Repertoires here

Here’s the plan:

🏆 Against the French Defense, you’ll lock-up the c8-bishop with the Advanced variation (3.e5), then expand on the queenside to stop enemy counterplay before it even starts.

🏆 Against the Caro-Kann, you’ll slow Black’s development to a crawl with the Advanced variation (3.e5), and launch a crushing attack against the enemy king in the center.

🏆 Against the Alekhine, you’ll establish whole-board dominance with the Four Pawns Attack, and methodically disarm Black’s tricks through smart move orders. So when the dust settles, your space advantage is the only thing that counts.

🏆 Against the Scandinavian, you’ll chip away at Black’s tight structure, and net big positional gains with little tactics.

🏆 Against the Pirc, you’ll deny Black of targets, and squeeze them until they crack with the modest but efficient 5.Be2.

And against everything else, you’ll follow the same winning formula:

Seize Black’s half of the board. Stabilize your control. And improve every piece and pawn until your position wins itself.

Get your copy of Lifetime Repertoires: Giri’s 1.e4 Part 2 here

These systems have catapulted Giri to his finest successes — including second place at the 2014 Qatar Masters Open… a near-perfect score at the 2021 Tolstoy Memorial Cup… as well as decisive victories against Veselin Topalov (2005 FIDE World Champion), David Navara (peak 2751 FIDE), Wesley So (peak 2822 FIDE) and other super-grandmasters.

And if you put Giri’s analysis and practical tips to work, you too can make huge strides in your rating and performance.

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