Anish Giri, the Dragon Sicilian

If you’ve tried nearly every answer to 1.e4…but found them to be too dull or drawish for your ambitions…then here’s the fiery opening to match your penchant for sizzling attacks and winning combinations! Here’s the big news: Former world #3 and four-time Dutch Champion Grandmaster Anish Giri returns to Chessable. If you don’t know it yet, people love how he brings super-GM openings within the reach of “everyday” players. This time, GM Giri shows how you can turn up the heat against 1.e4, and enjoy dynamic winning chances game after game. In Lifetime Repertoires: Dragon Sicilian, after 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3, you play the dark-squared bishop to its best square with 5…g6 and 6…Bg7.

Read the full description of the Anish Giri Dragon Sicilian here

Lifetime Repertoires: Dragon Sicilian also covers other major systems, such as the:

🔥 Classical System with 6.Be2
🔥 Fianchetto System with 6.g3
🔥 Levenfish System with 6.f4
🔥 Positional System with 6.Bc4
🔥 And the odd but playable 6.h3

But as any club player will tell you:

Games between non-masters head for anti-Sicilians, 9 times out of 10.

So if you want to play 1…c5 successfully, you better be ready for these “not so popular but still venomous” lines.

Anish knows this all too well. That’s why in Lifetime Repertoires: Dragon Sicilian, he takes on these sidelines by the horns in seven info-packed chapters. Here are some of the “anti anti-Sicilian” strategies you’ll pick up from the course:

🔥 A quiet rook sacrifice against the Alapin. After which, White must scramble for equality…or the sitting duck on e1 won’t survive the firestorm.

🔥 Delayed castling strategy against the Closed Sicilian. So you can secure a HUGE space advantage on the queenside, and deny the first player of targets on the kingside.

🔥 A light-square barricade against the Grand Prix Attack. Shut down the bishop on c4 with your pawns. “Kill” White’s attack before it starts. And dominate the center of the board.

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PLUS, you also get move-by-move guides to taking out even rarer second- and third-move sidelines…making this course a complete repertoire against 1.e4.

Chess is a lot more fun and satisfying when you can reach explosive positions you love on demand. Even more so when you can crown your strong opening play with a winning attack.

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