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Announcing TCEC Season 10 rapid and blitz

TCEC season 10 logoTCEC Season 10 Stage 1 is nearing its end. The qualification for the Candidates final 8 is hotter than ever. Up to five engines are still contesting the qualification positions after 21 of 23 rounds complete. One of Gull, Fire, Ginkgo, Booot, and Chiron will have to say goodbye to this season’s competition.

Follow the exciting finale of TCEC Stage 1 live here

The top 8 engines of Stage 1 will play a 2x double round robin to determine this season’s two engines that will face off for the title of Grand Champion.

TCEC Season 10 rapid and blitz

Thanks to the addition of a new ambitious server admin of TCEC, the expansion of the core team, and the support of the fans, this season of TCEC will have rapid and blitz events. They will follow the Superfinal and will consist of all engines that participated in the regular season.

Both the rapid and blitz will be double round robins with time control 15 min + 10 sec and 3 min + 2 sec respectively.

The versions playing will be as follows:

* Stage 1 engines finishing 9-24 in the LTC event use the same engine versions as in Stage 1
* Stage 2 engines will use the engine versions submitted for Stage 2
* The Superfinal engines will play with their respective version from the direct match between the two
* Laser and Nemorino will be allowed to submit new versions to fix a functional bug

The rapid/blitz specific rules may be modified until the start of the Superfinal.

The rapid and blitz will be a prelude to Season 11, the format of which will be announced in the next press release.

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