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Another 64 seconds with Amy Lee – Founder of Millionaire Chess

Susan Polgar, Chairperson of FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess (WOM), conducted a follow up interview with Amy Lee, the woman behind Millionaire Chess.

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Susan Polgar: With 7 days left before the March 31 deadline for lower entry fees, about 25 GMs with ratings over 2600 already registered. There are many big names such as Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Wang Hao, Yu Yangyi, Francisco Vallejo Pons, Le Quang Liem, Alexey Dreev, Evgeniy Najer (who just won the European Individual Championship), as well as young rising stars like Ray Robson, Sam Shankland, Illya Nyzhnyk, Sam Sevian, etc. Who is your pick to win Millionaire Chess II?

Amy Lee: It is really hard to say. Any of them can win it, including a number of other players. I am sure there will be many more serious contenders entering soon. This is what it is all about. The best players with the strongest nerves will come out on top. This is thrilling chess action made for TV.

Amy Lee - Millionaire Chess

Q: Speaking of TV, will there again be LIVE action for the world to see?

A: Absolutely! I can guarantee you that it will be even better than last year. We learned a lot from MC I, and there are many plans to make MC II even more exciting. We will improve each year, and we will not take chess players or the chess community for granted. Our goal is to raise the bar each year.

Q: Will there be MC III?

A: Yes, absolutely. We already signed the contract for MC III. We will make the big announcement as soon as MC II begins. All I can tell you so far is the venue will be much bigger as we anticipate growth each year.

Q: Is there anything new in the MC structure this year?

A: Thank you for bringing this up. We decided to add a number of special prizes this year. Here are some of these prizes.

Biggest upset prize $1,000
Tie Break Consolation $6,000
Mixed Double $2,000
Best dress for man $100 per day x 4 days
Best dress for woman $100 per day x 4 days
Best dress for child under 18 $100 per day x 4 days
Top female Prize (OPEN) $1,000
Top female Prize (U2200) $500
Top female Prize (U2000) $500
Top female Prize (U1800) $500
Top female Prize (U1600) $500
Top senior prize (65+) – OPEN $1,000
Top senior prize (65+) – U2200 $500
Top senior prize (65+) – U2000 $500
Top senior prize (65+) – U1800 $500
Top senior prize (65+) – U1600 $500
Best child under 13 yrs old (OPEN) $1,000
Best child under 13 yrs old (U2200) $500
Best child under 13 yrs old (U2000) $500
Best child under 13 yrs old (U1800) $500
Best child under 13 yrs old (U1600) $500

We may throw in other last minute surprises as well. So expect more good stuff :)

Amy Lee - Millionaire Chess

Q: Has your view of the chess world changed since MC I?

A: Yes. I did not realize that there are so many chess lovers from around the world. They share a common passion in this wonderful game. I also find that there are a number of good people willing to help MC because they would like to see chess growing the right way. I am so grateful for the tremendous support. And because of this, it motivates me to work harder to give the chess community a wonderful event.

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