Antonio Fernandes first in Leiria

The Individual Portuguese Rapid Chess Championship took place on 15th November 2014 in Leiria, a city in the Centro Region of Portugal.

The event was organized by one of the latest and most dynamic clubs, Corvos dos Lis, in collaboration with the Leiria Municipality.

119 players, including 17 with international titles took part in the tournament surpassing the number of 92 participants in the last season in Carregosa. 27 different clubs were represented in the tournament.

António Fernandes and Vasco Diogo were sharing first with 6/6 points. They made draw in the last round  to split the trophy on 6.5/7. However, Fernandes prevailed on a better tie-break score and took the gold.

Third place was shared in a three-way tie by Luís Silva, Alberto Ferreira and António Fróis on 6 points each.

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Leiria, Portugal


Top standings:

1. António Fernandes – 6,5/7
2. Vasco Diogo, Clube TAP – 6,5/7
3. Luís Silva, CX-A2D – 6,0/7
4. Alberto Ferreira, GX Porto – 6,0/7
5. António Fróis, AX Gaia – 6,0/7
6. Pedro Rego, Sporting CP – 5,5/7
7. Cristiano Tieres, Clube dos Galitos – 5,5/7
8. António Pereira dos Santos, Sporting CP – 5,0/7
9. Miguel Silva, Sporting CP – 5,0/7
10. Jorge Cruz, CX Montemor-o-Velho / CTGA – 5,0/7


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