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Arjun Erigaisi wins Delhi Chess Open

Grandmaster and National Champion Arjun Erigaisi came up with another inspired effort and crashed through the defenses of Karthik Venkataraman to annex the 19th Delhi International open chess tournament that concluded here at the Tivoli Gardens. Starting the day in a five-way lead and having the best tiebreak, Arjun left nothing to chance as he went for an offensive right from the word go in a Sicilian Najdorf game as white and even though Karthik posed some challenge in the middle game, the young National champion romped home easily with some finely crafted maneuvers.

Arjun got four lakh rupees as the winner’s purse plus a glittering trophy and looks like a sure fire bet for the main team in the forthcoming Chess Olympiad at Chennai as he scaled past 2675 in live Elo ratings. Earlier this month the young man had won the National championship at Kanpur quite easily and that means his winnings this month are ten lakhs in all. The next event for Arjun Erigasi is the MPL Indian Chess Tour 2022.

D Gukesh, who had also fought tooth and nail with Arjun in the national championship, defeated last event’s winner Abhijeet Gupta from a level endgame to finish second. The Nimzo Indian by Gukesh as black led to a level endgame but Abhijeet took unwarranted risks leading to his downfall. It was almost the repeat of last round of the National championship when Abhijeet had a similar fate out of the same opening against Gukesh.

Harsha Bharthakoti finished third on tiebreak defeating S P Sethuraman who played black. For the records, Arjun, Gukesh and Harsh all ended up on 8.5 points out of a possible ten.

The caravan now moves to Ahmedabad for the final installment of the three International events planned in India after a two-year gap.

The Delhi open next year will be a much bigger event in several categories with Rs. 1.25 Crores as prize money, an announcement made by All India Chess Federation Secretary and Delhi Association President Bharat Singh Chauhan on the opening day of this gala meet.

Important results final round: Abhijeet Gupta (7.5) lost to D Gukesh (8.5); S P Sethuraman (7.5) lost to Harsha Bharathakoti (8.5); Erigaisi Arjun (8.5) beat Karthik Venkataraman (7); Gusain Himal (7.5) drew with M R Lalith Babu (7.5); Tahbaz Arash (7) lost to Nigmatov Ortik (8); P Iniyan (7) drew with Neelash Saha (7.5); Shahil Dey (6.5) lost to Delgado Ramirez Neuris (7.5); Divya Deshmukh (6.5) lost to R R Laxman (7.5); S Nitin (6.5) lost to Rohith Krishna (7.5); Aradhya Garg (6.5) lost to Gholami Orimi Mahdi (7.5).

The top ten: 1-3: Erigaisi Arjun, D Gukesh, Harsha Bharathakoti (8.5 each); 4. Nigmatov Ortik (8); 5-10: S P Sethuraman, Delgado Ramirez Neuris, M R Lalith Babu,  Abhijeet Gupta, Neelash Saha,        Gholami Orimi Mahdi (7.5 each).

Delhi Chess final standings

1GMErigaisi Arjun IND26608,5
2GMGukesh D IND26148,5
3GMHarsha Bharathakoti  IND24998,5
4IMNigmatov Ortik UZB24458
5GMSethuraman S.P. IND26197,5
6GMDelgado Ramirez Neuris PAR26227,5
7GMLalith Babu M R IND25587,5
8GMGupta Abhijeet IND26287,5
9IMNeelash Saha IND24457,5
10 Gholami Orimi Mahdi IRI24207,5
11FMRohith Krishna S IND23047,5
12IMGusain Himal IND24087,5
13GMLaxman R.R. IND24297,5
14GMIniyan P  IND25167
15GMKarthik Venkataraman  IND24857
16GMArjun Kalyan  IND25067
17GMMirzoev Azer  AZE24767
18GMVisakh N RIND25227
19IMTahbaz Arash  IRI24697
20IMKrishna C R GIND24667
21GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.  IND25207
22IMShyaamnikhil P IND24427
23GMMitrabha Guha  IND25107
24IMVignesh N R IND24447
25IMAbdisalimov Abdimalik UZB24357
26IMSrihari L R IND24007
27 Utsab Chatterjee IND23247
28 Bharat Kumar Reddy Poluri IND22637
29IMHarshavardhan G B IND24027
30IMViani Antonio Dcunha IND23977
31GMRios Cristhian Camilo COL24497
32GMPonkratov Pavel  RUS26416,5
33FMAaryan Varshney IND22776,5
34FMPoormosavi Seyed Kian  IRI22296,5
35IMShahil Dey IND24006,5
36FMLiyanage Ranindu Dilshan SRI23406,5
37GMKarthikeyan P. IND23976,5
38GMSaptarshi Roy IND24026,5
39WGMDivya Deshmukh IND23016,5
40IMAnuj Shrivatri IND23506,5
41IMPadmini Rout IND23506,5
42GMFawzy Adham EGY24906,5
43IMDas Sayantan IND24596,5
44FMAradhya Garg IND22366,5
45GMMosadeghpour Masoud IRI25116,5
46 Shiva Pavan Teja Sharma U IND20226,5
47IMRatnakaran K. IND23166,5
48WIMArpita Mukherjee IND22606,5
49IMNitin S. IND24276,5
50IMRaahul V S IND24786,5
51 Saurabh Anand IND22766,5
52 Sudarshan Bhat IND21006,5
53IMPraveen Kumar C IND21586,5
54 Bhattacharyya Soham IND20046,5
55 Ghosh Samriddhaa IND18776,5
56 Mahindrakar Indrajeet IND20596,5
57AIMBhavik Ahuja IND18796,5
58FMDe Silva L M S T SRI22206,5
59 Parekh Vishrut  IND17476,5
60AFMSureka Akshat IND13426,5
61WGMSrija Seshadri IND22196
62 Manigandan S S IND21276
63 Ilamparthi A R IND19936
64FMJain Kashish Manoj IND21626
65 Adireddy Arjun IND17966
66 Rohit S IND22766
67 Santu Mondal  IND20636
68IMSharma Dinesh K. IND22836
69CMSingh Ojasva IND21416
70 Soham Datar  IND21156
71AGMSahib Singh  IND17926
72 Borgaonkar Akshay IND19856
73IMPalit Somak IND23006
74 Garv Rai IND18696
75 Dhruva Thota IND15256
76 Kulkarni Vinayak  IND21706
77 Hemanth Raam IND20266
78FMPhadke Sohan IND22336
79FMDutta Joydeep IND21016
80 Singh Neha IND18336
81 Sri Sai Baswanth P IND20576
82 Ayan Pal IND19136
83 Aashman Gupta IND17816
84 Bala Kannamma P IND21206
85CMDaakshin Arun IND21736
86 Ajay Santhosh Parvathareddy IND13566
87WFMBaghirova Khatun AZE18556
88AIMAbhay Bandewar IND18046
89 Darshan Sasthaa M IND14576
90 Jatinder Kapoor IND15736
91 Jain Hitansh IND13216
92FMMuhammed Shuaau  MDV19695,5
93IMSangma Rahul IND22865,5
94 Hriday Panchal IND16915,5
95AFMPawar Harshit IND19215,5
96WIMChitlange Sakshi IND22055,5
97 Shaik Sumer Arsh IND18525,5
98WIMMichelle Catherina P IND21765,5
99 Kian Dishank Shah IND13395,5
100WIMFranco Valencia Angela COL21165,5
101FMRam Aravind L N IND21275,5
102WIMPriyanka K IND22155,5
103 Jani Kushal R IND17465,5
104 Velpula Sarayu  IND18755,5
105IMWeerawardane Romesh SRI20055,5
106 Makwana Devam IND16845,5
107 Aritrya Pal IND15905,5
108 Roneet Das IND17205,5
109 Padmaesh M K IND14305,5
110 Jaiveer Mahendru IND17155,5
111 Sathvik Adiga IND15625,5
112AIMNagarkatte Vedant IND20135,5
113 Falgun D Purohit IND16695,5
114 Harshit Jaggi IND10995,5
115 Vinayak Agarwal IND14045,5
116 Swayham P Das IND16755,5
117 Dissanayake D M Madushan Sameera SRI12615,5
118AFMShubhi Gupta IND14345,5
119 Tarun N IND12855,5
120 Madduri Satya Tejeswar  IND16725,5
121 Vatsal Makol IND14715,5
122 Joel Paul Ganta IND20045,5
123 Kolomwe Willian  ZAM17835,5
124 Karki Rajiv NEP17765,5
125 Rout Yashita IND13925
126IMManish Anto Cristiano FIND22365
127 Shawn Pravin IND12965
128 Jain Kushagra IND14525
129 Shivika Rohilla IND18985
130FMGaikwad Siddhant IND20165
131WFMChaitanya V. IND16685
132 Krishnan Ritvik IND17615
133 Chaitanya Sairam Mogili IND18675
134IMSai Agni Jeevitesh J  IND23165
135 Shreyas Seshadri Nallore IND16965
136 Jihan Tejas Shah IND16825
137 Rounaiv Rana IND17725
138 Singh Ambesh Pratap IND15845
139 Buxy Rajanikant IND16395
140 Cera Dagaria IND15575
141 Arshpreet Singh IND15705
142CMKavinda Akila SRI20685
143 Ashutosh Kumar IND19645
144 Ishvi Aggarwal IND18335
145 Aarav Sinha IND14705
146 Khuanna Kapoor IND14045
147 Shubh Kapur IND16175
148 Thirunarayanan Sampath Kumar  IND14585
149 Aman Sharma IND17495
150 Bhagwat Heramb IND16735

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