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Australian Chess Championship 2016

Australia flagThe Australian Chess Championship 2016 will be held in the Fitzroy Town Hall, Melbourne, from the 2nd of January to the 12th of January.

The event is a 11 round swiss tournament with a $14000 prize fund. The tournament presence will be 34 players – 2 GMs and 14 IMs will be part of the chess spectacle. 

Tournaments in addition to the main event are a Reserves Championship and a Blitz Tournament, which will be played alongside the main event.

The 2014 Australian Champion IM Max Illingworth (2553), GM Darryl Johansen (2464) and GM Vasily Papin (2536) are some of the top seeded players in the main event.

GM David Smerdon (2533) is currently the highest rated player in the blitz tournament, while Michael Kethro is the highest rated player in the Reserves tournament.

Live games will be daily on with computer analysis by the Top Chess Engine Championship winners Komodo, Stockfish, and Houdini

List of players in the Australian Championship

Max Illingworth IM 2553
Vasily Papin GM 2536
Kanan Izzat IM 2491
Anton Smirnov IM 2489
Bobby Cheng IM 2466
Darryl Johansen GM 2464
James Morris IM 2449
Brodie McClymont IM 2427
Junta Ikeda IM 2420
Justin Tan IM 2415
Stephen Solomon IM 2413
Mark Chapman IM 2373
Christopher Wallis FM 2372
Greg Canfell FM 2363
Guy West IM 2362
Zuhao (Luke) Li FM 2359
Andrew Brown IM 2351
Sam Chow FM 2345
Karl Zelesco FM 2341
Eugene Schon FM 2315
Yita Choong 2298
Ari Dale IM 2291
Mirko Rujevic IM 2271
Dusan Stojic FM 2261
Eddy Levi FM 2247
Jack Puccini FM 2247
Gene Nakauchi FM 2244
William Jordan FM 2231
Zachary Loh FM 2231
Leonid Sandler IM 2222
Domagoj Dragicevic FM 2206
Carl Gorka 2196
Jason Hu CM 2194
John Nemeth 2170
Douglas Hamilton FM 2036



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