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BBC World Service, “Queen’s Gambit essential to online chess streamers boom” #TweetOftheDay

BBC World Service ran a video segment presenting the life of chess streamers and the recent explosion of interest in chess video broadcasts. BBC correctly taps into the shifting fortunes – nowadays young WGM/WIM/FM players are the avant-garde of chess. The reason: “Queen’s Gambit” by Netflix.

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Top #TweetOftheMonth: Stop bothering Carlsen!

Things really changed the most for me when Queen’s Gambit came out.

Qiyu Zhou aka Akanemsko

I thought that becoming a chess teacher was the way I was going to earn my living, but what I am doing now is something that… it’s just incredible. No one ever saw this coming. Thank you to the people who made Queen’s Gambit. I owe you… probably my left pinky toe.

Levy Rozman aka Gothamchess


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