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Become “future premium” at Chessdom Arena, play dedicated games vs Grandmasters

chessdom chess arenaStarting this month, Chessdom Arena launches a special future premium package. If you like the way Chessdom Arena is developing and if you want to bring your chess a step further, this is the service you want to have. Chessdom Chess Arena is a brand new platform for online chess games. In it’s basis it is free and will always be free for the guest, registered users, and frequent players. However, as every large scale project it needs a healthy financial model to develop.

Becoming “future premium” now will support us and provide you with all premium services that Chessdom Arena will have until the end of 2014 (17 months).

Get the future premium pack here

Here is a list of what you can expect:

1. Extra games vs titled players

The Master Challenges will continue in their free form. However, due to the high interest, waiting times have spiked, while Grandmasters often do not have the capacity to finish the entire queue.

Future premium gives you a simple solution – more games, with less waiting time. Special queues will be opened for “future premiums” where you will have a chance to play several games per hour at different time zones of the day

Estimated launch: August 15th, 2013

2. Simuls

All “future premiums” will have the option to participate in simuls vs titled players. Minimum one simul per month is guaranteed.

Estimated launch: September 2013

3. Download of all games in pgn format

Currently, Chessdom Arena users can download each game individually. Buttons will be added for downloading group of games or all games, and these will be made available for the “future premiums”

Estimated launch: September 2013

4. Removing the advertisement

Chessdom Arena is a free online chess server and it’s aim is to be free forever. One of the means to achieve this is by showing advertisements to the users. However, helping Chessdom Arena development with the “future premium” pack is a great support, and in this case advertisement will be removed and substituted with more interesting elements : friends lists, direct challenges, etc.

Estimated: Novemer 2013

5. Many more options

The list above is just for the short term benefits of the premium accounts. In the next several months the “future premiums” will be able to enjoy more game options, better statistics, direct tournament qualifications, enhanced automatic analysis, as well as multiple services that are currently not available at any other service.

Support us now by acquiring the future premiums pack here and be the first get all the enhanced options that any premium user will have for the next 1 year and a half.

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