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Bergamo Chess Open 2018

Bergamo Chess Open 2017>Bergamo Chess Open will be held from 13-15 July.
The tournament is open to everyone, up to a maximum of 220 members . Players will be sorted into the various game segments according to the Elo score published on 1.7.2018. The admission requirements are as follows:

Players with a score between 1900 and 2000 can choose to participate in tournament A or B. Players with scores between 1600 and 1700 can choose to participate in the tournament B and C. The choice must be communicated at the time of registration and can not be changed if not by the tournament director’s office on the basis of an Elo score change.

Tournament A (Elite) – Elo 1900-2900
Tournament B (Challenge) – Elo 1600-2000
Tournament C (Rising) – Elo 0-1700

Membership, promotions and regulations in force
For the participation of Italian players is required the FSI 2018 competitive card. Promotions, Elo updates, organization and tournament procedures are governed by the current Federal Technical Regulations and FIDE.

The game rounds will be 6 and the Swiss variant Dutch system will be adopted.

Game cadence
90 ‘for the whole game + 30 “increment from the first move for all tournaments.

Players can show up at the game table within 60 minutes of the scheduled start time.

Confirmation of registration
On July 12th it is necessary to confirm the registration. The best way to do this is by e-mail. It is sufficient to send a message with the title ‘CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION’, specifying the names of the confirmed participants in the message. It is also possible to confirm your presence in the gaming room by 8:25 am on July 13th. Delays will not be tolerated. Those who can not confirm their presence before 8.25 will only be paired by the second round.

Starting list

1 GM Sergej Tivjakov
2 GM Ivan Ivanisevic
3 GM Luca Moroni
4 GM Danyyil Dvirnyy
5 GM Sabino Brunello
6 GM Oleg Korneev
7 IM Alessio Valsecchi
8 GM Michele Godena
9 IM Pier Luigi Basso
10 IM Francesco Sonis
11 IM Tal Haimovich
12 GM Kenneth Solomon
13 M Oleg Zujev
14 FM Alberto Barp
15 WGM Regina Theissl Pokorna
16 FM Franco Trabattoni
17 WGM Marina Brunello 2272
18 M Gaetano Signorelli
19 M Ricard Morros Faura
20 M Luigi Lain
21 M Alexander Apanasenok
22 M Salvatore Ventura
23 M Giuseppe Andreoni
24 WGM Ana Srebrnic
25 M Horace Guanciale
26 M Mauro Tirelli
27 CM Davide Podetti
28 CM Marco Zenari
29 CM Artem Poliakov
30 CM Leonid Gavrysh
31 M Fausto Gerola
32 WFM Tea Gueci
33 CM Lorenzo Regondi
34 M Tommaso Bergamasco
35 WIM Jicman Ligia Letitia
36 WFM Mariagrazia De Rosa
37 CM Tommaso Bonassi
38 CM Massimiliano Botta
39 CM Giuseppe Tencati
40 CM Edoardo Piccirillo
41 WGM Iulia Ionica
42 CM Massimo Bonadè
43 WFM Alessia Santeramo
44 CM Lorenzo Cocconcelli
45 CM Tommaso Fuochi
46 CM Denis Gosio
47 CM Devis Bosio
48 CM Fabrizio De Palma
49 CM Alessio Simonetto
50 CM Andreas Schafers
51 CM Pietro Garofalo
52 CM Kenji Hiebert
53 CM Alessandro Granaldi
54 CM Giorgio Nordio
55 CM Jean Louis Pivard
56 CM Fabio Colonetti
57 CM Giorgio Andreoli
58 CM Umberto Cerasi
59 CM Daniele Tarelli
60 1N Davide Filice
61 CM Gabriele Lumachi
62 CM Maria Andolfatto
63 CM Silvia Guerini
64 CM Christian Pirrello
65 1N Mattia Angelo Valtemara
66 1N Vusimuzi Mlahleki
67 1N Simonpietro Spina
68 1N Khanya Mazibuko

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