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Biel Chess 2016 LIVE!

The 49th International Chess Festival Biel must unfortunately be postponed by a week. It will now take place from Saturday, July 23 until Wednesday, August 3 2016. The dates planned previously overlap with the Tour de France passing through Bern, thus occupying most of the hotels in the region for several days. The Master Open (MTO) will be played over 9 rounds this year.

Scroll down for the top players of the Masters tournament

Live games with analysis will be daily on and with computer analysis by Stockfish, Komodo, and Houdini.

Video analysis by GMs will be available at the ChessArena video channel

Biel Chess 2016 (top 20 players)

1. GM Nikita Vitiugov RUS 2728 Elo
2. GM Maxim Rodshtein ISR 2698
3. GM Eltaj Safarli AZE 2678
4. GM Samuel Shankland USA 2661
5. GM Ivan Saric CRO 2660
6. GM Georg Meier GER 2657
7. GM S.P. Sethuraman IND 2656
8. GM Axel Bachmann PAR 2649
9. GM Mateusz Bartel POL 2649
10. GM Romain Edouard FRA 2639
11. GM Krishnan Sasikiran IND 2639
12. GM Csaba Balogh HUN 2635
13. GM Ildar Khairullin RUS 2629
14. GM Aleksandr Shimanov RUS 2627
15. GM Vladimir Baklan UKR 2618
16. GM Rinat Jumabayev KAZ 2613
17. GM Vitaly Kunin GER 2592
18. GM Ante Brkic CRO 2585
19. GM Alexander Donchenko GER 2583
20. GM Alexander Kovchan UKR 2576

List of all the winners of Biel Chess (Grandmaster and Master tournaments)


 Edition 1968  Edwin Bhend (Switzerland)
2 1969  Jan Timman (Netherlands)
3 1970  Predrag Ostojic (Yugoslavia)
4 1971  Stanimir Nikolic (Yugoslavia)
5 1972  Milan Vukic (Yugoslavia)
6 1973  Milan Vukic (Yugoslavia)
 Janos Flesch (Hungary)
7 1974  Bela Soos (Romania)
8 1975  Mišo Cebalo (Yugoslavia)
 John Pigott (Australia)
 David Parr (Australia)
9 1976  Bent Larsen (Denmark) (Interzonal)  Dragutin Sahovic (Yugoslavia)
 Radovan Govedarica (Yugoslavia)
10 1977  Tony Miles (England)  Miguel Quinteros (Argentina)
11 1978  Charles Partos (Switzerland)
12 1979  Viktor Korchnoi (Switzerland)  Yehuda Gruenfeld (Israel)
 Jean Hebert (Canada)
13 1980  Yehuda Gruenfeld (Israel)  Israel Zilber (United States)
 Josip Rukavina (Yugoslavia)
 Beat Züger (Switzerland)
 Peter Scheeren (Netherlands)
14 1981  Eric Lobron (Germany)
 Vlastimil Hort (Czechoslovakia)
 Nathan Birnboim (Israel)
 Laszlo Karsa (Hungary)
 Ron Henley (United States)
 Eduard Meduna (Czechoslovakia)
15 1982  John Nunn (England)
 Florin Gheorghiu (Romania)
 Ivan Nemet (Yugoslavia)
16 1983  Tony Miles (England)
 John Nunn (England)
 Jaan Eslon (Sweden)
17 1984  Vlastimil Hort (Germany)
 Robert Hübner (Germany)
 Carlos Garcia-Palermo (Argentina)
18 1985  Rafael Vaganian (Soviet Union) (Interzonal)  Ian Rogers (Australia)
 Alon Greenfeld (Israel)
19 1986  Lev Polugaevsky (Soviet Union)
 Eric Lobron (Germany)
 Daniel Campora (Argentina)
20 1987  Boris Gulko (United States)  Lev Gutman (Israel)
21 1988  Ivan Sokolov (Yugoslavia)
 Boris Gulko (United States)
 Gennadi Kuzmin (Soviet Union)
22 1989  Vassily Ivanchuk (Soviet Union)  Matthias Wahls (Germany)
23 1990  Anatoly Karpov (Soviet Union)  Viktor Gavrikov (Soviet Union)
24 1991  Alexei Shirov (Spain)  Zurab Sturua (Soviet Union)
25 1992  Anatoly Karpov (Russia)  Alexander Shabalov (Latvia)
26 1993  Boris Gelfand (Belarus) (Interzonal)  Vadim Milov (Israel)
27 1994  Viktor Gavrikov (Switzerland)  Utut Adianto (Indonesia)
28 1995  Alexei Dreev (Russia)  Igor Glek (Germany)
29 1996  Anatoly Karpov (Russia)  Zurab Sturua (Georgia)
30 1997  Viswanathan Anand (India)  Ildar Ibragimov (Russia)
31 1998  Mladen Palac (Croatia)  Milos Pavlovic (Yugoslavia)
32 1999  Jeroen Piket (Netherlands)  Vadim Milov (Switzerland)
33 2000  Peter Svidler (Russia)  Boris Avrukh (Israel)
34 2001  Viktor Korchnoi (Switzerland)  Boris Avrukh (Israel)
35 2002  Ilya Smirin (Israel)  Milos Pavlovic (Yugoslavia)
36 2003  Alexander Morozevich (Russia)  Mikhail Ulibin (Russia)
37 2004  Alexander Morozevich (Russia)  Christian Bauer (France)
38 2005  Boris Gelfand (Israel)
 Andrei Volokitin (Ukraine)
 Mikhail Kobalia (Russia)
39 2006  Alexander Morozevich (Russia)  Bartosz Soćko (Poland)
40 2007  Magnus Carlsen (Norway)  Mikhail Ulibin (Russia)
41 2008  Evgeny Alekseev (Russia)  Vladimir Belov (Russia)
42 2009  Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France)  Boris Grachev (Russia)
43 2010  Fabiano Caruana (Italy)  Alexander Riazantsev (Russia)
44 2011  Magnus Carlsen (Norway)  Ni Hua (China)
45 2012  Wang Hao (China)  Igor Kurnosov (Russia)
46 2013  Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France)  Pentala Harikrishna (India)
47 2014  Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France)  Baskaran Adhiban (India)
48 2015  Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France)  Emil Sutovsky (Israel)

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