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In an educational approach, Modern Chess articles are interrelated, each one of them being a part of a comprehensive course on a specific topic including opening repertoire based on original and rich of new ideas analyses, high level understanding on the Grandmaster thinking process, complete knowledge on the basic pawn structures arising right after the opening, and revolutionary methodology of studying the endgame.

All this is created by a solid team including GM Viktor Gavrikov, GM Boris Chatalbashev, GM Davorin Kuljasevic, GM Grigor Grigorov, GM Petar Arnaudov, and more guest Grandmasters.

The package includes:

Modern Chess issue 1Modern Chess (April)

Have you ever heard the saying “Strong players win their games mostly in the endgame”? Well, we must admit that it is true, because the learning of the final phase of the game requires a lot of work and practice.Moreover,endgames are so complex, that an inexperienced player easily gets lost in the variety of information.That is why GM Davorin Kuljasevic comes up with his comprehensive endgame course.Regardless of your level, you have the chance to take a structured grandmaster education in the field of the endgame.

Sometimes we are really astonished by the way in which top grandmasters calculate variations.Is it really all about calculation? Bulgarian grandmaster Boris Chatalbashev disagrees. In his course, concerning the initiative, he proves that we can often find the best move in complex position by boosting our intuition. After reading his first article, you will feel the razor thin balance between strategy and dynamics in modern chess.

Almost every 1.d4 player has encountered some problems facing the Leningrad system in Dutch defence.The complexity and the flexibility of the arising pawn structures makes the Dutch one of the favourite openings of original players like Nakamura, Bartel and Malaniuk. Being an exclusively 1.d4 player, GM Grigor Grigorov shares with you the secrets of his repertoire against that dangerous variation. His system is based on 6.Nbd2 followed by 7.Re1 and e2-e4.Despite of a rare choice, this line is complitely sound from positional point of view and often has a suprise value.

Some players are really not confident when they face a well prepared 1.e4 player.It is quite often the case when it comes to the razor sharp Sicilian defence.Being aware of that problem,the Dragon expert IM Spas Kozhuharov decided to create a repertoire concerning his beloved opening variation.His first article deals with the main line, where white plays 9.Bc4 followed by 0-0-0.After reading the expert analysis of IM Kozhuharov, you will realise that the Dragon is not such a risky opening when we know it is positional basics.

Have you ever thought about the secrets of Soviet chess school? What makes russian chess players so powerful? No need to wonder anymore! The 1985 URSS champion GM Viktor Gavrikov is here to reveal the basics of the greatest chess school in the world. His first article concerns the positions with open center and marks the beginning of a complete middlegame course which deals with all the basic pawn structures.Good structural knowlede will enhance your opening understanding.

At the end of the first issue of Modern Chess Magazine, we bring to your attention some tactical puzzles prepared by GM Petar Arnaudov.

Modern Chess issue 2Modern Chess (June)

In the second part of “Endgame Series” GM Davorin Kuljasevic explains importance of pawns in endgames through interesting examples from both classical and modern Grandmaster practice. Start with the impersonation of the famous movie “Searching for Bobby Fischer”, go through the classical theoretical positions from 70’s and 80’s and find out how Polish GM Bartel used impeccable endgame technique to defeat World #28 Navara. And, of course, make sure to “Test Yourself” at the end of the article.

  • GM Boris Chatalbashev continues analyzing the initiative in different stages of the chess game. In this issue he pays attention to initiative in middlegame and suggests how to find the best move in complex middlegame positions relying on chess logic. He subtly explains how to let go of the “materialistic mindset” in chess and rather look for dynamic solutions that pose, sometimes insurmountable, practical problems to opponent.
  • GM Petar Arnaudov launches a new roubric for the 1.e4 fans – full repertoire for White pieces. The first article features Alapin Variation of Sicilian Defence. One of Black’s main answers 2…d5 is analyzed in-depth with a plenty of fresh examples from grandmaster practice. You will find a good mix of important forced lines and typical ideas, plans and motifs.
  • Those of You who prefer more aggressive and attacking style of play will enjoy the second part of Dragon Variation in Sicilian Defence. IM Spas Kozhuharov prepared a sharp and double-edged repertoire for Black pieces against the main lines 9. 0-0-0 and 9. g4. In addition to presenting typical attacking ideas, Kozhuharov proves that certain lines are unjustifiably neglected by the mainstream theory by analyzing improvements that contain a lot of venom.
  • Viktor Gavrikov’s strategical tips will boost Your attacking abilities in positions with an isolated pawn. He visualizes three important plans: transferring the rook on the third horizontal, movement of the isolated plan and knight sacrifice on “f7”.

Modern Chess issue 3Modern Chess (September)

In issue 3 of Modern Chess Magazine, our GM team provides you again with high quality content, with is a part of a structured chess education. Here is a brief review of the artciles that you will find on the pages of our magazine:

  • Attack in positions with an isolated pawn – Part 2 – In this article, GM Viktor Gavrikov goes further in explaining all the subtleties yoo must know about one of the most important middlegame positions in chess. In the present article he brings ti your attention another three extremely important attacking ideas which we can use when playing with an “isolani” – transition into a symmetrical pawn structure, advance of the “f” pawn and advance of the “h” pawn. GM Viktor Gavrikov provides the reader with extremely detailed explanations which are so typical for the Soviet chess school.
  • GM Repertoire against the Sicilian – Part 2 – In the second part of his article, GM Petar Arnaudov proves that Alapin variation ( 2.c3 ) is a very dangerous weapon, even when it comes to the one of the most popular options for black, namely 2…Nf6. The repertoire proposed by GM Arnaudov is not only easy to learn and understand, but at the same time it is an extremely sound opening choice and could be played on regular basis.
  • Beat 1.e4 with the Dragon – Part 3 – The new member of our team GM Nikolai Ninov continues the course concerning the Dragon variation in Sicilian defence. In his first article for Modern Chess Magazine, he concentrates himself on the positional plans connected where White plays 0-0 in different move orders. It is important to mention that GM Ninov explains the ideas and plans for both sides. This makes the article useful not only for players who play Dragon as Black, but also for those of you who play this variation as White.
  • Comprehensive endgame course – Part 3 – Passed pawns are one of the most important factors in chess. As you probably know, their imporatnce is considerably bigger in the final stage of the game. In his second article concerning the passed pawns, GM Davorin Kuljasevic starts examining the concept of “electric pawns”. The reader can find some methods which allow him to find the best move in the endgame without any calculations, making use of some interesting geometric motifs.
  • Find the best move by boosting your intuition – Part 3 – In this issue GM Boris Chatalbashev finishes his course dedicated to the initiative in chess. His last article on this topic concerns the importance of the initiative in the endgame. His explanations will persuade you that there is nothing more important than the activity in the endgame.

And last but not least…

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Modern Chess issue 4

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