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“Blindfold Opening Visualization: 100 chess puzzles” by Martin B. Justesen

Blindfold Opening Visualization: 100 Chess Puzzles by Martin B. Justensen is a book will train and test your visualization skills through 100 well-selected opening positions. You will get a series of moves from common openings. The depth of the lines is from 4 to 10 moves .You will not always have to find a killer tactic, but in some puzzles, you will just have to avoid a trap and find a good move. You can use the look inside function and try the first puzzles. The book is divided into 3 chapters and each chapter gets a little harder.

The author Martin B. Justensen shares, “I have always been impressed by strong chess players’ abilities to visualize the board without seeing it, firing off variations in the post-mortem, or walking away from the board during a game while thinking about the position. As an adult trying to learn the game and improve I really want to be able to improve my ability to visualize. However, I soon discovered that there wasn’t much training material available. To change this I have gone through hundreds of opening positions from real game positions to select the best positions for blindfold solving.”

Get your copy of Blindfold Opening Visualization here and check out also the previous book on the topic by Martin B. Justensen on Blindfold Endgame Visualization

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