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Bolivia crowns National Chess Champions

The Bolivian National Men’s and Women’s Chess Championships 2022 took place from 18-22 May in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
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After 9 round robin rounds in the Men’s event, Rodrigo Mendoza won the Championship scoring unbeaten 7 points. Mendoza made a huge surprise winning the event as he was the 7th player on the starting rank list according to rating points. IM Jose Daniel Gemy claimed silver with 6.5 points, while GM Oswaldo Zambrana and CM Fernando Bolanos tied for third place with 6 points each. (scroll down for the final rankings)

WFM Jessica Molina won the 8-player round robin Women’s Championship with the final score of 6.5/7 points. WFM Maria Eugenia Ramirez was second with 6 points while WIM Daniela Cordero and WIM Nataly Monroy tied for bronze scoring 4 points each. (scroll down for the final rankings)

The 2022 Bolivian Chess Championships’ best ranked players secured the spots in the Bolivian National Teams for the upcoming 44th Chess Olympiad 2022.

WFM Jessica Molina

Final rankings – Bolivia Men’s Chess Championship 2022

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3TB4TB5
1 Mendoza Rodrigo BOL2166705287.22420
2IMGemy Jose Daniel BOL23676.505276.42343
3GMZambrana Oswaldo BOL24286142662296
4CMBolanos Fernando BOL22496042362316
5 Ticona Rocabado Licael Roderick BOL20974.504134.42207
6CMTitichoca Daza Daniel BOL218940.53124.22154
7FMDelgadillo Adonay BOL219640.52133.82109
8 Martinez Ariel BOL21653.503123.62120
9IMCueto Jonny BOL22032.501162.42055
10 Tapia Mauricio BOL19041012.511878


Final rankings – Bolivia Women’s Chess Championship 2022

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3TB4TB5
1WFMMolina Jessica BOL18716.50618.56.42152
2WFMRamirez Maria Eugenia BOL200560516.862019
3WIMCordero Daniela BOL203740.538.254.21756
4WIMMonroy G. Nataly A. BOL189840.521041776
5WCMCoro Soledad BOL17132.50.5152.41650
6 Mendoza Samantha BOL17022.50.506.52.41652
7 Enriquez Coronel Gaia Paola BOL15231.50031.41549
8 Kilibarda Acebey Veroska Isabela BOL122910021.21512


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