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Bunratty International Chess Festival

GM Nigel Short

GM Nigel Short

Bunratty International Chess Festival will be held from 23 to 25 February. The venue will be Bunratty Castle Hotel. It will be divided in 4 sections. Masters over 2000, Challengers 1600 to 1999, Major 1200 to 1599, Minor under 1200. Top seeded are GM Nigel Short,GM Gawain Jones, GM Luke Mcshane, GM Sergey Tiviakov etc..

Live games with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engines Championship- Komodo, Houdni and Stockfish

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starting list Bunratty

1 Short, Nigel GM
2 Jones, Gawain GM
3 McShane, Luke GM
4 Tiviakov, Sergey GM
5 Speelman, Jonathan GM
7 Williams, Simon GM
8 Collins, Sam IM
9 Hebden, Mark GM
10 Wells, Peter GM
11 Bates, Richard IM
12 Rendle, Thomas IM
13 Heidenfeld, Mark IM
14 Pein, Malcolm IM
15 Vuilleumier, Alexandre IM
16 Fitzsimons, David FM
17 Belenkaya, Dina WGM
18 Daly, Colm FM
19 L’Ami, Alina WGM
20 Wall, Tim P FM
21 Wallace, Paul A.
22 Steil-Antoni, Fiona WIM
23 Prilleltensky, Matan
24 Delaney, Killian
25 Pein, Jonathan
26 O’Connor, Jonathan
27 Marquardt, Christian
28 Jones, Sue Mororoa WIM
29 Wolferink, Frans
30 Moynihan, Kieran
31 Rawlinson, Aidan
32 Nettleton, Charlie B
33 Kennedy, John P. A.
34 Davey, Mark
35 Fegan, Chris
36 Vogel, Constantin
37 Scallan, Fiachra
38 Harari, Zaki
39 Cafolla, Peter
40 Fox, Anthony
41 Khoo, Selina
42 O’Neill, Paul
43 Keogh, Eamon
44 Mirza, Diana WFM

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