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Caissa Spring League 2021

Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club organizes the Caissa Spring League 2021 from May 11 – May 23, 2021!

Among 37 participants, more than a half are young talented players aged U16, U12, and U8.

Starting list of participants:

No. NameFEDRtgTyp
1FMHo In Hei Henry HKG1788 
2 Tang Tsz Sang HKG1724 
3AIMWolfaardt Francois RSA1681 
4 Garceran Nieuwenburg David HKG1681 
5 Ozbek Gorkem TUR1672 
6 Lopez De Anda Edgar USA1620 
7 Sarwate Rohit HKG1598 
8 Nissinen Niilo Man HKG1554U16
9 Iyer Neel HKG1318U16
10 Mackay Hamish FID1284 
11 Chan Wang Ip Boris HKG1281U12
12 Hon Zig Zeth HKG1254U16
13 Guo Bo Kai Owen HKG1225U16
14 Kadam Aaditya Vivek HKG1196U16
15 Hari Advay HKG1172U12
16 Wang Julian Samuel HKG1102U12
17 Puhar Jack HKG1029U12
18 Puhar Aaron HKG1007U12
19 Chiu David Zion HKG0U12
20 Chiu Silas Nathaniel HKG0U08
21 Chua Hao Yan Jenson HKG0U16
22 Davoust Arnaud FRA0 
23 Eaton Florence Fai Cheung HKG0U12
24 Feung Timothy Daean HKG0U12
25 Forsman Viktor SWE0 
26 Hari Anaisha HKG0U08
27 Lau Aydan Ho Ching HKG0U12
28 Leung Lachlan Hoi Jun HKG0U12
29 Nagasena Lionell INA0 
30 Nguyen Paul Ashton HKG0U12
31 Qin Bruce Zhi HKG0U08
32 Song Sichen HKG0U08
33 Su Bo Ruei HKG0U12
34 Wagner Alexander FID0 
35 Wong Kainos HKG0U12
36 Ye Max HKG0U12
37 Zhang Marvin HKG0U12

More information:

Official Website / Results

About Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club:

Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club is dedicated to work with the youngest, giving them the opportunity to improve their chess by participating in trainings or camps activities, or to compete in quality tournaments in Hong Kong.
Caissa’s team gathered well known chess coaches, such as: Alberto Muniz Pardino, IM Marcos Llaneza Vega, IM Matthew Tan, GM Alexander Ipatov, Eduard Garcia Carle.

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