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Carlsen – Nepo 2021, the reactions

Carlsen – Nepo 2021 is the match for the World Chess Championship. The challenger of the reigning champion Magnus Carlsen became known a round before the end of the Candidates matches, when Ian Nepomniachtchi secured the victory in the tournament.

There was a worldwide reaction to the Carlsen – Nepo news – from governments, institutions, celebrities, mainstream media, chess professionals, and fans. Here are some of the reactions on social media

Sports media about Carlsen – Nepo 2021

Sports media worldwide was quick to report on the coming Carlsen – Nepo 2021 match. In Spain the major sport newspapers Marca and AS hailed the match. In Italy it was Gazzetta dello Sport that first blasted the news, followed by OA Sport and other outlets. Find the full list of sports media reactions here.

Worldwide reaction to Carlsen – Nepo

In Germany the news hit sports newspapers, but also important magazines like Spiegel. The news appeared in practically all European Union countries, with important media like The Guardian, Dnevnik, etc all having the news. In Latin America the main generator of the Carlsen – Nepo headlines was Reuters LatAm, while in India it appeared in traditionally following chess media like TOI. Full list of reactions here

In other parts of the world the Carlsen – Nepo match news was seen in Argentina (Clarin and Reuters Lat Am), the Guardian (United Kingdom)

Russian government, Russian Chess Federation, and players shows support for Nepo

The Russian government, an official state social account, was happy about the qualification of Nepo. Undoubtedly, Nepo will receive solid support from his home country, where chess has always been on a pedestal.

The Russian Chess Federation was also happy about Nepo and the Russian flag that will fly high in Dubai

Nepo’s compatriot and ex-world championship challenger GM Sergey Karjakin wished good luck to the new challenger of Magnus Carlsen.

Reactions from chess players

Norwegian players Jonatan Tisdall and Torstein Bae were among the first to celebrate news of the Carlsen – Nepo match. Jonathan Tisdall tried to capture the vastness of Carlsen’s achievements in under 280 characters and we can say that certainly was a very good try!

The Polgar sisters joined the choir of congratulations to Nepo

Among the notable tweets is also that of the young star Anna Cramling, who congratulated Nepo together with her amazing chess mom Pia Cramling

ECU celebrates an all-European final between Carlsen and Nepo

ECU is certainly happy about the development in the Candidates matches. The all-European final between Carlsen and Nepo will certainly be a solid boost to chess in the region.

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