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CEWN – Chess Evolution Weekly Newsletter FREE edition!

The Chess Evolution Weekly Newsletter first edition was published March 2nd, and starting this date the 20 pages of quality material by GM Naiditsch and GM Balogh will be published every Friday evening.

You can download the first edition for FREE here:

CEWN nr 1 (English) pdf / pgn
CEWN nr 1 (Italian) pdf / pgn
CEWN nr 1 (Spanish) pdf / pgn
CEWN nr 1 (German) pdf / pgn
CEWN nr 1 (French) pdf / pgn
CEWN nr 1 (Hungarian) pdf / pgn


Download all languages here (zip)


How to subscribe to CEWN

38 euro/year (52 editions, purchase here saving over 80% on the weekly price)
10 euro/1 month (4 editions, purchase here)
4 euro/1 week (1 edition, purchase here)


Note: for those who purchase 1 edition, this will be the pdf/pgn publication of 9th March or any other of your choice, as edition 1 is for free download. The same way the 4 editions subscriptions will be for issues 1-5.


More about CEWN is pleased to announce the start of the CE Weekly Newsletter. Released every Friday of the week, the newsletter will contain 20 pages of great chess material written by the contemporary top Grandmasters Arkadij Naiditsch and Csaba Balogh.

The CEWN weekly edition will contain not only openings or middlegames, but rather full details on the best fresh games from the chess world, a look back at historical matches, and practice endgames sections, puzzles, and multiple surprises.

The CEWN will be published in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, and Italian) and will be sent over email in pgn and pdf format.

CEWN is a continuation of the Chess Evolution series , the Interactive services, and the commented game by 2700 GM.

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