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Chess Assistant 15 PRO (download)

chess assistant 15The download version of Chess Assistant 15 PRO is here and already available at the Chessdom Chess Shop! Only this week it is available at discount price of 99,00 eur

Chess Assistant 15 PRO with Houdini 4 PRO is a unique tool for managing chess games and databases, playing chess through the Internet, analyzing games, or playing chess against the computer.

The professional package includes the best playing program – Houdini 4 PRO, Chess Opening Encyclopedia mode, a powerful search system, unique Tree mode, databases of about 6.2 million games in total (November 1, 2014) that can be automatically updated with 3000 new games, access to 7-piece Lomonosov Tablebases and more!

Chess Opening Encyclopedia includes rich theoretical material on all the openings, more than 8000 annotations by GM Kalinin and 40 million of evaluations by strongest engines to key opening positions.

You also receive free access to 7-piece Lomonosov endgame tablebases until 31.12.2015.
Premium Game Service will keep you game database automatically updated with more than 10 000 new games each month!

Do you have Chess Assistant 13 or Chess Assistant 14? You can easily get an upgrade pack with all novelties inside:

Upgrade Chess Assistant 13 to Chess Assistant 15

Upgrade Chess Assstant 14 to Chess Assistant 15

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