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Chess Evolution September is here!

GM Arkadij Naiditsch

GM Arkadij Naiditsch

Chess Evolution is back on the market with a fantastic September issue! Composed by GM Arkadij Naiditsch, GM Etienne Bacrot, GM Sebastien Maze, GM Kamil Miton, GM Ivan Sokolov, GM Borki Predojevic, GM Baadur Jobava, and the new additions to the team GM Nikola Sedlak and GM Konstantin Landa, Chess Evolution is the top quality premium book written for anyone who wants to update his knowledge with the latest and greatest from chess novelties, strategies, and tactics.

Here is a list of the topics covered in CE September, visit the official website for more info on the premium CE book.

Download book example and more info here


Chess Evolution September

1) Svidler – Kramnik, [A07]
2) Gashimov – Wang Yue, [A28]
3) Nepomniachtchi – Efi menko, [A29]
4) Kramnik – Nepomniachtchi, [A30]
5) Kramnik – Timofeev, [A35]
6) Svidler – Nepomniachtchi, [A35]

7) Hector – Fridman, [B12]
8) Grischuk – Galkin, [B12]
9) Karjakin – Morozevich, [B12]
10) Navara – Laznicka, [B12]
11) Leko – Roiz, [B12]
12) Nepomniachtchi – Polgar, [B60]
13) Caruana – Vachier Lagrave, [B96]

14) Nepomniachtchi – Mamedyarov, [C02]
15) Gharamian – Ni Hua, [C11]
16) Nepomniachtchi – Onischuk, [C45]
17) Karjakin – Kramnik, [C67]
18) Ivanchuk – Leko, [C89]

19) Yu Yangyi – Balogh, [D10]
20) Harikrishna – Jakovenko, [D16]
21) Morozevich – Timofeev, [D20]
22) Bacrot – Edouard, [D27]
23) Melkumyan– S. Zhigalko, [D31]
24) Morozevich – Grischuk, [D31]
25) Mamedyarov – Sargissian, [D35]
26) L’Ami – Sokolov, [D36]
27) Giri – Ponowariov, [D37]
28) Morozevich – Caruana, [D43]
29) Ponomariov – Giri, [D46]
30) Carlsen – Shirov, [D48]
31) Aronian – Harikrishna, [D56]
32) Morozevich – Carlsen, [D80]
33) Aronian – Sutovsky, [D85]
34) Pashikian – Zhou Jianchao, [D85]
35) Pelletierk – Carlsen, [D85]
36) Timofeev – Nepomniachtchi, [D85]
37) Vachier Lagrave – Morozevich, [D86]
38) Salem – Cheparinov, [D90]
39) Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son – Li Chao, [D93]
40) Morozevich – Vachier Lagrave, [D97]
41) Morozevich – Svidler, [D97]
42) Onischuk – Navara, [D98]

43) Fressinet – Bacrot, [E03]
44) Meier – Giri, [E04]
45) Meier – Kramnik, [E15]
46) Hammer – Naiditsch, [E20]
47) Mamedyarov– Ganguly, [E32]
48) Seirawan – Polgar, [E32]
49) Kramnik – Ponomariov, [E94]
50) Kramnik – Nakamura, [E97]

Want to ask the GM authors a question?

Now this is possible! A 6-month subscriber will be able to ask 1 chess related question per issue for free while whole-year subscriber can ask a total of 18 questions – it is like a complete chess course from a 2700 trainer! What’s more, questions can be asked in many different languages due to the cosmopolitan team: English, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Serbian, Polish. More information at CE interactive service section.

Chess Evolution in French also!

Chess Evolution will be translated into the French language starting from the September issue. CE and Marseille Chess Club are going to work together. Marseille are the current French Team Champions and definitely the most active and expanding chess club in France (at the moment they have almost 900 club members/school pupils). Special thanks for the French translation go to the “cornerstones” of the club, Laurie Delorme and Yannick Gozzoli.

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