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Chess & Finance – Trading Online Expo

The Italian Stock Exchange in collaboration with FIDE Skills Management Committee organizes the Trading Online Expo during the conference on Chess & Finance.

The meeting will take place on 23rd October from 9:45 at the Glass Cube, Palazzo Mezzanotte, in Milan, Italy.

In the early 90’s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, some American investment banks began to recruit traders and analysts from Eastern Europe. A skill preferred to be chosen was the title of Master in competitive chess.

Since then much it has changed, but the strategic and tactical approach to finance and to the game of chess are very similar if not identical traits.

Chess & Finance

Deciding how and what to invest, how much to risk, when to attack and when to defend are considerations that can be adapted by both the trader and the investor in medium term, both the entrepreneur and finally the professional chess player.

The conference will seek to define, through the experience gained in the world of finance and chess participants such as game plans and investment have often possess many characteristics in common and how they have adapted over time to the greatest revolution of the last 20 years in both areas: the advent of super computers.

If in chess computers have changed the rules of international tournaments, in finance today more than 65% of trade is carried out by machines. What are the impacts and the means of defense of the trader or investor? Is the combination of human-computer, known in chess as chess-advanced, possible also in finance?

After the conference some participants will compete live in an exciting game of chess.

· Jerusalmi R. CEO Italian Stock Exchange and Candidate Master of Chess
· Arlandi E. Resp. Agrex Market of the Italian Stock Exchange and International Master of Chess
· Mogranzini R. CEO, International Chess Grandmaster, Chairman skills management committee of FIDE
· Almonti A. Trainer and Candidate Master of Chess
· Pallas B. Founder of Opportunity Network, Councillor Commission Master of Chess

Moderator: Barillaro L. Trader and professor of LSEG Academy, Master of Chess

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