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Chess Olympiad 2014 press conference

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome Børge Robertson and Herman Kristoffersen, the organizers of the 41st Chess Olympiad which will be held in Tromsø. My first question is how is the preparation for the Olympiad going on?

Kristoffersen: We are doing our best to make our dream come true. Don’t think that our city is a cold and lonely place – we will make the Olympiad warm and friendly for everyone who is welcome. It is our national project to make it the best Olympiad of the north. I have learnt a lot about the coordination in Khanty-Mansiysk and here in Istanbul and believe me – you will be glad to see our competition and participate in it.

Karlovich: Is there enough rooms in the hotels, are you ready for such an event. I know that Tromsёis a small city, will you manage?

Robertson: We are sure we can do it the best way – everyone will not only have good living conditions but will also have chances to make a good entertainment like enjoying white night and fishing.

Karlovich: What about Magnus Carlsen? Is he going to assist the national team?

Kristofferssen: I hope he will become our leader and we are proud of him. I will say once again – this Olympiad is our pride, and we want to make the best of it – so I am sure Magnus will be together with his nation. He’ll fight well.

Fontaine: What about the transport facilities?

Robertson: There are 10 flights from Oslo to Tromsø every day but during the opening and closing ceremonies we’ll increase the number of flights – don’t worry – everyone will be in time.

Karlovich: What about the weather conditions in Norway?

Kristoffersen: If you think that it is chilly here – it’s not quite true – the strait of Golfstream brings warm water and we advise you not to bring warm clothes with you. Believe us – we will make you warm, welcome to Tromsø !!!

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