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Chess puzzle 5

white to move and win

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Chess puzzle 3

Chess puzzle 3 was a small experiment. In the actual game played black won with a knight sacrifice on f4, however, it was probably due to time trouble for white rather than better position. The puzzle does not have a correct and direct answer and is perfect to practice play both as black or white. The explanation to why a direct solution does not work was given by email by IM Anto Rmus. “After 1…Knb4 white can play either Bb1 or Knd4,in both cases with very good chances. If you think that some sacrifice on f4 can go later… it can but it gives white better play and just maybe a draw for black”

Solution to chess puzzle 5

The solution to chess puzzle 5 will be published next week. Until then you can send your suggestions and questions through the contact form

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