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Chess Unleashed by GM Iotov

chessdom_adChess Unleashed is the new website from Grandmaster Valentin Iotov, dedicated to sharing his experience with different levels of amateur and semi-professional players.

Chess Unleashed is all about “unleashing” the chess power hidden deep in each of us. To be an expert at chess requires the ability to fit all of the components of the game together into one cohesive, winning approach. True greatness requires philosophy, psychology, and knowledge of the game. All three elements are necessary to perceive the game as a whole and develop the skill to master any opponent. The teaching style of GM Iotov is unique in that he shows players how to combine these elements as they learn, instead of developing one at a time. Many players who learn them separately are never able to successfully meld them later. Consequently, they never develop their full aptitude and lose to less knowledgeable, less experienced competitors.

In essence, Chess Unleashed will teach you to be an advanced chess player by employing an approach that few novice players are permitted to access, an approach developed by a grandmaster. As GM Iotov shares himself, “If you truly desire an advantage over your opponents, enter the mind of a grandmaster!”

This summer: from intermediate to advanced

This summer GM Iotov offers a crash course for intermediate players, giving the necessary push to the advanced levels. The course goes like this

• Lessons will be conducted ONLINE using the application
• The course will put emphasis on chess fundamentals, workflow methods, and elements of psychology
• Learn a whole new comprehensive high level repertoire for White and Black pieces, as well as tips and tricks on how to create your own repertoire
• Utilize the CREDIT system to your advantage and setup your own training schedule

A great addition for the course is that each participant chooses his own set of topics and gets a personalized schedule for the course.

First Lesson is FREE

This month GM Iotov offers the first lesson for free. To take advantage of the exclusive offer you can contact the GM at

The lessons with GM Iotov are 2 hours long aka sessions. The price list is very competitive

1 session – $37.50
5 sessions – $175.00
10 sessions – $320.00

The weekly schedule goes like this:

Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday
10:30 am – 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
(Eastern Standard Time Zone UTC-05:00)

Monday – Openings
Wednesday – Middlegame concepts
Friday – Endgames
Sunday – Special topics

Find all the details at the official website

Videos by GM Iotov

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