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Chessable British Chess 2022

The Chessable British Chess Championships 2022 will be held at the Riviera International Centre in Torquay from 8th to 21st August 2022 inclusive. This will be the 108th British Chess Championship in a series which has run almost unbroken since 1904, with Torquay having previously hosted the Championships on six occasions, most recently in 2019.

Chessable British Chess Championships 2022 is a festival, with the 2022 Championship as the main event, parallel to the Major Open, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, and Under 16 events. The 2022 Championship is sponsored by Chessable. will cover all of them daily in detail.

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Chessable British Chess Championships 2022: Championship

The main event is a 9 round Swiss Championship with rounds starting August 13 at 2.30pm each day, aside from round 9 which will start at 10.00am on the final Sunday. First 40 moves in 90 minutes, then 30 minutes added for remainder of game, with 30 second increments added from move 1. The British Championship competition will include prizes/awards for the British Open and Women’s Champions. The top 20 eligible players from the 2022 British Championships including ties will qualify for a place in the 2023 British Championship. Top seeded are Nicholas Pert, John Emms, Daniel Gormally, Brandon Clark, Mark Hebden, Ezra Kirk, Nigel Davies, Matthew Wadsworth, etc. Here is the full participants list

1GMPert Nicholas2536
2GMEmms John M2481
3GMGormally Daniel W2470
4IMClarke Brandon Gi2470
5GMHebden Mark L2465
6IMKirk Ezra G2457
7GMDavies Nigel R2448
8IMWadsworth Matthew J2418
9IMJackson James P2411
10IMMilchev Nikolay2408
11IMPert Richard G2408
12GMWard Chris G2402
13FMWillow Jonah B2393
14GMArkell Keith C2390
15FMDerakhshani Borna2384
16FMGrieve Harry2381
17GMWells Peter K2373
18IMLane Gary W2332
19FMClaridge-Hansen William2332
20IMRudd Jack2331
21IMEggleston David J2329
22IMKolbus Dietmar2309
23WGMToma Katarzyna2309
24FMMerriman John2285
25FMRichardson John R2279
26IMZapolskis Antanas2266
27Domenech Vianney2266
28WIMYao Lan2259
29FMDishman Stephen2250
30CMTurner Max N2247
31Jones Steven A2244
32Stoyanov Viktor2231
33CMBalaji Aaravamudhan2211
34CMVilliers Thomas2201
35Taylor Adam A2197
36IMBradbury Neil H2196
37FMWalker Martin G2172
38Payne Matthew J2165
39Brewer Callum D2151
40Birtwistle Nigel2134
41Okhai Shabir2126
42Price Gwilym T2126
43Onslow Alfie2118
44FMEames Robert S2112
45Lentzos Ioannis2104
46Burrows Martin P2081
47WGMJackson Sheila2072
48FMWaddington Mike P2071
49Forster Matthew2063
50Horton Justin2058
51Ethelontis Alexandros N2055
52Finn Peter2039
53Ashworth Michael J2030
54Pollack Oscar2016
55Donaldson Thomas R1982
56Rathbone-Jones Ifan1936
57Salmons Calum1932
58Mulay Partha1843

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