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Chessable English Championships 2022

English Chess Federation announces English Championships in May, the British Championship in August, and the relaunched ECF Grand Prix from July 2022 to June 2023, all supported by Chessable.

The first in the series of Chessable supported events will be the English Championships which are scheduled to take place in May, with the English Seniors on 4th-8th May and the English and English Women’s Championships on 19th-22th May 2022.

All of the English Championship events will take place at the Holiday Inn in Kenilworth, with what is looking like a very strong field competing for the various English titles.

Chessable English Seniors Championships 4th-8th May 2022

The English Seniors is back as the first of the Championship events with the first Seniors Championship since 2019, including separate sections for players aged 50+ and 65+.

We already have the makings of an outstanding event based on entries to date including GMs Mark Hebden and Keith Arkell, as well as IM Paul Littlewood, IM Andrew Ledger and WIM Natasha Regan.

IM Paul Littlewood and Kevin Bowmer (above, left and right) will be defending their titles in the two sections. GMs Hebden and Arkell are amongst the others competing. There will also be a trophy and title award for the top performing female player in each section. The congress will be ECF and FIDE rated with a total of seven rounds over the five days.

Chessable English Championships and English Women’s Championship 19th-22nd May 2022

The seniors’ events will be followed two weeks later by the Chessable English Championships and Chessable English Women’s Championships which will take place on 19th-22nd May 2022 at the same venue in Kenilworth.

The Open Championship will be first English Championships since Duncan Lawrie sponsored the first and, so far only, English Chess Championship competition in December 1991 in Hammersmith. The first English Championship was an eight-player knockout won by GM Nigel Short.

The Women’s Championship will be the next in the series of highly successful events from the first event in 2016 to the previous Championships in 2019 in Hull, won on tie-break by WGM Katarzyna Toma, with Louise Head coming second. Katarzyna Toma (below right), Louise Head (below left), WIM Lan Yao (below middle). (starting ranking lists for both Open and Women’s events can be found below)


Chessable English Chess Championship 2022 – Starting rankings:

No. NameFEDRtg
1GMHebden Mark L ENG2533
2IMHarvey Marcus R ENG2530
3IMPert Richard G ENG2517
4IMWadsworth Matthew J ENG2493
5IMRoberson Peter T ENG2484
6FMWillow Jonah B ENG2462
7IMJackson James P ENG2439
8FMDerakhshani Borna ENG2438
9GMArkell Keith C ENG2437
10FMAshton Adam G ENG2427
11 Hackner Oskar A ENG2425
12GMWells Peter K ENG2414
13FMRoyal Shreyas ENG2385
14FMHaydon David L ENG2373
15FMMacklin Paul ENG2366
16 Okhai Shabir ENG2262
17 Boswell Jacob Connor ENG2234
18FMThompson Ian D ENG2201
19 Khoury Theo ENG2129
20 Duncan Patrick C M ENG2125
21 Ireland David J ENG2124
22 Hepworth Peter ENG2078
23 Southcott-Moyers Indy ENG2061
24 Wells Daniel J ENG2057
25 Shearsby Jude ENG2031
26 Larkin Benjamin ENG2017
27 Zheng Harry Z ENG1971
28 Pert Max ENG1957
29AFMKumar Soham ENG1947
30 Watson Jacob ENG1922
31 Herring Samuel ENG1900
32 Shenbagakumar Gautham ENG1881
33 Parker Keith ENG1815


Chessable Women’s English Chess Championship 2022:

No. NameFEDRtg
1WIMYao Lan ENG2276
2 Dicen Elis Denele ENG1957
3 Pert Nina ENG1919
4 Gamal Alaa ENG1866
5 Milewska Agnieszka ENG1820
6 Catabay Mae Katelyn Rose ENG1768
7AIMSubramanian Anusha ENG1671
8 Sengenberger Sara ENG1637
9 Oh Julie ENG1616
10 Mohan Meghana ENG1613

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