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Chessity reinvents the way to learn chess

Chessity Anniversary Release 2016Chessity has unveiled its much anticipated new release, which enables everybody to learn and teach chess with an accessible, effective, and inexpensive online program.

The new Chessity is the biggest release yet. It rolls out today in celebration of Chessity’s five-year anniversary, giving chess players of all ages and all abilities unrivaled powers to learn and train.

Growing numbers of players, teachers and parents join Chessity because they value its innovative approach to chess, centering on the fun and effectiveness of game-based learning and adaptive response. The new release adds tons of artificial intelligence to create a stunningly personalized learning experience.

Huge success with chess coaches and school teachers

“Chessity is a huge success with chess coaches and school teachers who use the platform to teach chess. It has saved them time, money, and allowed them to give chess lessons to groups with mixed chess skills while taking up the world of kids and games,” said Chessity owner Janton van Apeldoorn. Today’s kids are digital. But so are adults. That’s why gamification is such a powerful tool. A game itself, chess is by nature suitable for game-based learning. Chessity adds superb scaffolding to guarantee optimal results.

“Too often chess players and teachers are overstretched and pressured with competing priorities when it comes to learning and improving chess skills. Chessity enables them to centralize all their chess activities and track progress. Coaching tools include a student dashboard to monitor each student’s achievements, making it easy to offer tailor-made support where needed.”

In today’s anniversary release, everything users value in Chessity is now even better. Plus, there’s more of it. The new Chessity’s key features include:

* 200+ interactive and adaptive chess lessons for players of all ages and all skills, from absolute beginners to (aspiring) chess masters. Including 80 brand-new advanced beginners lessons.

* 50.000+ handmade tactics puzzles, personalized for your own chess level you’re your own training purposes.

* A special kids’ mode featuring a happy frog and a naughty alien. This is more than just design but serves as a learning bonus: the most powerful learning tools are the ones that kids enjoy using.

* An official chess exam to establish that you or your students have mastered essential chess skills.

* Revolutionary visualization training to enhance your board vision.

* An active chess community to socialize your chess training and share your experiences with chess players and coaches from over more than 215 countries.

Try the new Chessity

Chessity offers you the possibility of registering for a free account. This a great opportunity to try out the product. Visit to create a free account.


Chessity learning game

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