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Chessity sparks interest in kids during Tata Steel

chessityJanuary 15th was a great day for all chess enthusiasts attending the TataSteel Chess Tournament in the Telstar Soccer stadium. The event was packed with both beginners who were eager to learn and masters who were more than happy to help. Among the crowds some recognizable figures, like Chess Master and TV personality Hans Bohm, were directing the flow of events.

The Chessity team with Janton Van Apeldoorn and Alina L’Ami were introducing the younger players with the ‘gaming your training’ concept as it received lots of attention and smiles. With over 120 kids attending the event, the future of chess was guaranteed to prosper for a whole generation to come and the staff of Chessity were delighted to spark interest in younger hearts.

“Chess is exciting and you will become smarter, more creative, and more flexible! So it is time to conquer the world with this fantastic game!” shared passionately Janton van Apeldoorn, founder of Chessity, the website that uses games for training, suitable for beginning, intermediate and advanced chess players.

He continued, “At Chessity we have developed a unique way in providing people a fun way to learn how to play chess online. But we want to make even more people excited about the game of chess. It’s our mission to Spreading our ‘passion for chess’ around the world.”

The Chessity team appreciates the switch from the classic board game to playing online and considers it a huge breakthrough. Internet is easy to access and always available, this has changed how chess is played. You do not need to spend whole evenings behind a board any longer. Now you can play online for half an hour whenever you have time and feel like it.

For more information visit the Chessity official website

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