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ClassicAra joins the lead at TCEC S21 QL

ClassicAra is the new co-leader of TCEC S21 QL. After five rounds ClassicAra (live ELO 3338) has collected 4,5/5 and has joined Koivisto at the top of the standings.

ClassicAra is an original open source neural network-based chess engine by Johannes Czech, Moritz Willig and Alena Beyer, written in Python and C++. It is the classical chess version of CrazyAra, a neural network engine trained to play the chess variant crazyhouse via supervised learning on human data.

This is the first season for ClassicAra in TCEC and the engine impresses at the start. It defeated Invictus, Amoeba, Berserk, and TomitankChess, and got a draw against Cheng.

Replay ClassicAra games

ClassicAra – Berserk (Queen’s Indian) 1-0

Cheng – ClassicAra (Sicilian) 1/2-1/2

ClassicAra – Amoeba (Catalan, closed, 5.Nf3) 1-0

TomitankChess – ClassicAra (QGD Slav, 4.e3 Bf5) 0-1

ClassicAra – Invictus (Queen’s gambit declined) 1-0

Follow the games live on TCEC / Visit ClassicAra Github

Standings after R5

1-2. ClassicAra, Koivisto 4,5/5
3-6. Invictus, Amoeba, Booot, Stash 3,0/5
7-8. Drofa, Nirvana 2,5/5
9-11. Cheng, Berserk, Cheese 2,0/5
12. Bagatur 1,5/5
13. TomitankChess 1,0/5
14. Francesca 0,5/5

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