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Carlsen – Polgar LIVE!

Corus 2008 live commentary with GM Vladimir Dimitrov

Corus 2008 commented games

Round 1: Mamedyarov Carlsen / Aronian – Topalov / Spoelman – Cheparinov / Peng – Caruana

Round 2: Topalov – Ivanchuk / Kramnik – Radjabov / Cheparinov – Movsesian

Round 3: Adams – Carlsen / Polgar – Topalov / Smeets – Cheparinov

Round 4: Van Wely – Topalov / Carlsen – Aronian

Round 5: Ivanchuk – Carlsen / Aronian – Anand/ Topalov – Gelfand / Grivas – Caruana

Corus 2008 pgn, photos, and more

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PGN Carlsen Polgar

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{An youngster from Norway is still leading the tournament. Will he be able to claim the final victory? His game against the best female chess player ever may give some clue. Both are top class GMs so an intense battle is to be expected.}

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 d5 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.Qxc3 Ne4 7.Qc2 c5 8.dxc5 Nc6 9.cxd5 exd5 10.e3 {As was to be expected, Carlsen chose a solid variation in Nimzo-Indian aiming for a long term slight advantage due to the isolated ‘d5’ pawn.} 10…Qf6 11.f3 {Black looks for activity as not to get in passive position, but now is virtually forced after 11…Qh4+ 12.g3 Nxg3 13.Qf2 to enter an endgame in which the white Bishop pair could prove a key factor.} 11…Qh4+ 12.g3 Nxg3 13.Qf2 Nf5 14.Qxh4 Nxh4 15.b4 a6 {Looks a bit passive.}(15…a5 16.b5 Ne5){followed by f6 and Nc4 is more natural option.}16.Kf2 Ne5 17.Bb2 {Carlsen plays good simple moves and accumulates advantage on the clock as well.} 17…f6 18.Rd1 {After 18…Be6 White may try to exploit his lead in development by 19.Ne2 Nhxf3 20.Nf4 with dangerous initiative.} 18…Be6 19.Ne2 Bf7 20.Rg1 Nc4 (20…Rg8 {looks ugly but is not easy to refute.}) 21.Bc1 g5 22.Nc3 O-O-O {Now 23.f4 followed by e3-e4 is a good way to provide more space to the Bishop pair.} 23.e4 dxe4 (23…d4 {was to be preferred}) 24.Rxd8+ Rxd8 25.Nxe4 Kc7 26.Nxf6 h6 27.f4 {Carlsen won a pawn and opened the position for his Bishops, so his advantage may prove decisive.} 27…Nd2 28.Be2 Nb3 29.Be3 Nd4 {Polgar loses second pawn and hopes that opposite-squared Bishops might give her some chances.} 30.Bxd4 Rxd4 31.fxg5 Rf4+ 32.Ke1 hxg5 33.Nh7 {Carlsen shows good technique.} 33…Bd5 34.Nxg5 Kc6 35.Rf1 Rxf1+ 36.Bxf1 a5 {Polgar reduces material in order to improve her chances to save the game, but White’s win is question of accuracy only.} 37.Kd2 axb4 38.axb4 b6 39.cxb6 Kxb6 40.Bd3 Bc6 41.Kc3 Bd7 42.Be4 {Trapping the Knight is the fastest way to win.} 42…Bg4 43.Nf7 Bf3 44.Bd3 Bc6 45.Ne5 Bd5 46.Ng6 Ng2 47.Kd4 Bb7 48.h4 Bf3 49.Bf1 Ne1 50.Ne5 Nc2+ 51.Kc3 Be4 52.h5 {Black resigns. Excellent game by Magnus.}

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