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Corus B 2008 live commentary with WFM Iva Videnova

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Mamedyarov Carlsen / Aronian – Topalov / Spoelman – Cheparinov / Peng – Caruana

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The top rated player in Corus B Ivan Cheparinov starts against the
player with the lowest rating IM Wouter Spoelman. The rating
difference is close to 300 points, but we witness more and more
surprises in such situations in modern chess. This is especially true
when the higher rated player has the black pieces and this is exactly
the case.

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PGN Spoleman Cheparinov

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{Hello everybody. Welcome to Chessdom live coverage of Wijk aan Zee!
Today at 14:30 CET/ 7:30 EST the first round of the tournament starts. Topalov’s second – Ivan Cheparinov will meet the young Dutch player Wouter Spoelman. Pairings in Corus B determined the Black colour for Ivan.
Despite the big difference in classes (almost 300 elo points more for the number 1 in Corus B according to rating – Cheparinov), Spoelman is keen on 1.e4, so we can expect a sharp duel. As Sergey Zagrebelny (one of the commentators of the World Cup in Khanty Mansiysk 2007) said, “Ivan has extremely agressive opening repertoire: he reacts to 1.e4 with Najdorf (no Ruy Lopez), to 1.d4 – with King’s Indian Defence.”
Enjoy the game!} 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cd4 4.Nd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 {This move is a novelty in Cheparinov’s repertoire. His specialty is the Najdorf Defence} (5…a6) 6.Bg5 e6 7.Qd3 {Keres’s move! The idea behind is preventing N:e4 after h6, Bh4. Besides, from d3 the Queen can easily go to g3 or h3. As for the Spoelman’s repertoire, he played this move just once, against Nadezhda Kosintseva in Corus C 2007 successfully.} a6 8.O-O-O Bd7 {A typical Rauzer Attack.} 9.Be2 Rc8 10.Nc6 Bc6 11.f4 Be7 12.Bf3 O-O {There are 3 games in this variation according to my base. They continue with either 13.Rhe1, 13.g4 or 13.Kb1. The result is extremely positive for Black – 2,5 out of 3. Let’s see how this game will change the statistics.} 13.Kb1 {Spoelman chose the continuation in Sirigos – Sutovsky/ Bratislava, 1993 – namely the only draw in this variation till now. Black developed standartly for Rauzer Attack – Qc7, Rfd8, h6.} Qa5N {A novelty!} 14.h4$6 {If the Dutch guy wanted to play f5, may be it was the proper moment. Otherwise provoking h6 doesn’t look dangerous for Black.} Rfd8 (14…h6 15.Bf6 (15.g4 Rfd8 $1 {Of course not} (15…hg5$2 16.hg5 {+/-} ) 16.Bf6 Bf6{=} ) Bf6 {=} ) 15.f5 (15.f5 d5$5 {A flank attack is usually met by a counter strike in the centre!} 16.ed5 (16.e5 d4 17.Ne4 Qe5 {=}) Nd5 {=})) Qc7 {But probably Cheparinov doesn’t want to force exchanges.} 16.Rhe1 (16.Rhe1 b5) h6 (16…h6 17.fe6 fe6 (17…hg5$2 18.ef7 Kf7 19.hg5 {+- with a decisive attack for White.})) 17.Bf4 b5 18.fe6 fe6 19.Ne2 {Another typical move for Rauzer, White wants to put the Knight on the natural d4-square.} e5 (19…e5 20.Be3 Bd7 {The idea behind is to grab the a2-g8 diagonal (Bc6-d7-e6)}) 20.Bg5$6 (20.Bg5$6 hg5 21.hg5 Nd7 22.Qb3 d5$1 23.ed5 Nc5 {=/+}) Bd7 21.Bf6 Bf6 22.g3 {Wouter has less than 5 minutes for 20 moves.} b4 23.Nc1 Be6 24.Rd2 a5 25.Red1 a4 26.Qe3 Qb8 27.Be2 Rd7 28.Ba6 Rc3$1 {Of course 28…Rc5 was enough for obtaining a winning position, but who could resist?} 29.Qf2 Bd8 30.Bd3$2 {White has already 1minute for 10 moves. The zeitnot starts to speak. 30.Qe2 could reach a drawish position.} Bb6 31.Qe1 a3 32.b3 Qc7 33.Bb5 Rd8 34.Ne2 Be3 35.Nc1 Bd2 36.Rd2 Qb6 37.Bf1 Re3 38.Qd1 Qc5 39.Ne2 Rf8 40.Rd3 Rd3 {The time control is over and also is the game. Black won an interesting sharp Sicilian with mutual chances. It was all from me, Iva Videnova. Enjoy the other games today and see you tomorrow.}

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