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Danish Championship 2023 – Master Group

The Danish Championship 2023 – Master Group will take place from 01-09 April 2023 in Svendborg, Denmark. It will be 9-round Robin tournament with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. will follow live games .

Starting list of players :

No. NameFEDRtg
8GMBjerre, Jonas BuhlDEN2608
7GMRasmussen, Allan StigDEN2525
6GMThybo, Jesper SondergaardDEN2509
10GMSchandorff, LarsDEN2476
2GMChatalbashev, BorisDEN2472
4GMAagaard, JacobDEN2448
5IMOlsen, Filip BoeDEN2429
1IMBorge, NikolajDEN2391
9IMHaubro, MartinDEN2385
3FMNielsen, Viktor HaarmarkDEN2350


Round 1 on 2023/04/01 at 14:00
112391IMBorge, NikolajGMSchandorff, Lars247610
222472GMChatalbashev, BorisIMHaubro, Martin23859
332350FMNielsen, Viktor HaarmarkGMBjerre, Jonas Buhl26088
442448GMAagaard, JacobGMRasmussen, Allan Stig25257
552429IMOlsen, Filip BoeGMThybo, Jesper Sondergaard25096
Round 2 on 2023/04/02 at 14:00
1102476GMSchandorff, LarsGMThybo, Jesper Sondergaard25096
272525GMRasmussen, Allan StigIMOlsen, Filip Boe24295
382608GMBjerre, Jonas BuhlGMAagaard, Jacob24484
492385IMHaubro, MartinFMNielsen, Viktor Haarmark23503
512391IMBorge, NikolajGMChatalbashev, Boris24722
Round 3 on 2023/04/03 at 14:00
122472GMChatalbashev, BorisGMSchandorff, Lars247610
232350FMNielsen, Viktor HaarmarkIMBorge, Nikolaj23911
342448GMAagaard, JacobIMHaubro, Martin23859
452429IMOlsen, Filip BoeGMBjerre, Jonas Buhl26088
562509GMThybo, Jesper SondergaardGMRasmussen, Allan Stig25257
Round 4 on 2023/04/04 at 14:00
1102476GMSchandorff, LarsGMRasmussen, Allan Stig25257
282608GMBjerre, Jonas BuhlGMThybo, Jesper Sondergaard25096
392385IMHaubro, MartinIMOlsen, Filip Boe24295
412391IMBorge, NikolajGMAagaard, Jacob24484
522472GMChatalbashev, BorisFMNielsen, Viktor Haarmark23503
Round 5 on 2023/04/05 at 14:00
132350FMNielsen, Viktor HaarmarkGMSchandorff, Lars247610
242448GMAagaard, JacobGMChatalbashev, Boris24722
352429IMOlsen, Filip BoeIMBorge, Nikolaj23911
462509GMThybo, Jesper SondergaardIMHaubro, Martin23859
572525GMRasmussen, Allan StigGMBjerre, Jonas Buhl26088
Round 6 on 2023/04/06 at 14:00
1102476GMSchandorff, LarsGMBjerre, Jonas Buhl26088
292385IMHaubro, MartinGMRasmussen, Allan Stig25257
312391IMBorge, NikolajGMThybo, Jesper Sondergaard25096
422472GMChatalbashev, BorisIMOlsen, Filip Boe24295
532350FMNielsen, Viktor HaarmarkGMAagaard, Jacob24484
Round 7 on 2023/04/07 at 14:00
142448GMAagaard, JacobGMSchandorff, Lars247610
252429IMOlsen, Filip BoeFMNielsen, Viktor Haarmark23503
362509GMThybo, Jesper SondergaardGMChatalbashev, Boris24722
472525GMRasmussen, Allan StigIMBorge, Nikolaj23911
582608GMBjerre, Jonas BuhlIMHaubro, Martin23859
Round 8 on 2023/04/08 at 14:00
1102476GMSchandorff, LarsIMHaubro, Martin23859
212391IMBorge, NikolajGMBjerre, Jonas Buhl26088
322472GMChatalbashev, BorisGMRasmussen, Allan Stig25257
432350FMNielsen, Viktor HaarmarkGMThybo, Jesper Sondergaard25096
542448GMAagaard, JacobIMOlsen, Filip Boe24295
Round 9 on 2023/04/09 at 12:00
152429IMOlsen, Filip BoeGMSchandorff, Lars247610
262509GMThybo, Jesper SondergaardGMAagaard, Jacob24484
372525GMRasmussen, Allan StigFMNielsen, Viktor Haarmark23503
482608GMBjerre, Jonas BuhlGMChatalbashev, Boris24722
592385IMHaubro, MartinIMBorge, Nikolaj23911

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