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David Howell: How I reached 2700 ELO

Chess requires a multitude of skills to succeed, and not all of them are about the moves. Calculation. Time management. Endgame prowess. Understanding yourself and your opponent. They’re all vital. And when you know how to approach improving these skills, no rating level is off limits. Just ask “super GM”, 3-time British Champion, and Olympiad gold medalist David Howell.

Now David Howell, in cooperation with the author of Accelerate Your Chess Simon Williams, are releasing a special course to guide you through the process of building ELO and understanding the game. Get your copy of David Howell’s How I reached 2700 ELO here

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In this course, GM Howell shares the lessons he learned throughout his career which turned him into the resilient fighter he’s become – including many psychological areas of the game which are scarcely discussed in depth. You’ll learn how to:

Understand your opponent – and yourself. You’ll get advice on preparing for specific opponents and understanding what positions you like to play, and how to steer the game to them

Keep calculation skills front and center, learning some tricks for simplifying your calculation process even in complex positions

Build your endgame skills by solving both practical endgame situations and endgame calculation studies

Navigate your opponent’s prepared openings. Take on any surprise ‘pet line’ with confidence

Manage your time, both in classical and speed chess. When time is short, there are practical methods to play well and not get burnt! GM Howell shows you his own tips and tricks.

Start improving your chess skill with David Howell’s How I reached 2700 ELO here

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