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David Howell with his first Chessable course, co-presented with Magnus Carlsen (FREE lesson)

David Howell is about to release his first ever Chessable course Grind Like a Grandmaster. To get you prepared for the full of practical chess insights Grind Like a Grandmaster course, Carlsen and Howell present a free lesson which they managed to pack into just one annotated game Get your free 31 minutes of video lesson here .

The free lesson, dedicated how to accumulate small advantages and score big wins, is co-presented with Magnus Carlsen. Inside you will find:

? The Magnus Mindset for steamrolling 2700-grandmasters. Plus, why “clear planning” goes out the window when grinding down strong defenders.

? The “give and take” between abstract positional play and concrete tactics. Get this right and accelerate your win by 5… 10… or even 15 moves.

A human-friendly breakdown of cold, numeric engine evaluation — turning it into a winning strategy even newbies can understand.

? Where the decisive breakthrough happens in opposite-colored bishop endgames. Knowing this, winning the game becomes a whole lot easier

? How to freeze the opponent’s pawns for easy pickings later. It’s the favorite endgame move by English grinder Keith Arkell.

The protective screen. A Carlsen maneuver which shields your pieces as they break through the enemy ranks.

? How to crush passive but solid play. “Sit and wait” defense might have tilted you before. But after this lesson, you’ll welcome it with open arms!

Get your free Lesson: Accumulating Small Advantages here

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