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Dubai Chess Club organises Fide Trainer’s Seminar

Dubai Chess and Culture Club will host a Fide Trainer’s Seminar on July 11-13 to be conducted by renowned Greek chess coach and author Grandmaster (GM) Efstratios Grivas.

“The seminar supports the club’s mission of promoting chess in the grassroots by providing better access to world-class chess training and coaching resources,” said Yahya Mohamed, Planning & Development Manager. “We want to empower local chess coaches in Dubai and raise the standard of chess training among the partner schools and clubs of Dubai Chess and Culture Club across the emirate.”

Dubai Chess Club organises Fide Trainer’s Seminar

All participants will be awarded certifications from the International Chess Federation (FIDE), while Grivas, a Fide Senior Trainer and Secretary of the Fide Trainers’ Commission, will confer Fide-approved titles to qualified participants based on their performance during the seminar and a written exam. Other criteria for awarding a title include a player’s Fide rating, published material and coaching experience.

The titles to be awarded are Fide Trainer, Fide Instructor, National Instructor and Developmental Instructor.

Limited to a maximum of 30 participants, the seminar will cover a broad range of topics that include “Physical and Psychological Factors”, “Building a Repertoire”, “How to Teach Beginners”, “Differences Between Boys and Girls in Chess” and “Chess Intuition” among others. There will also be discussions on opening, middlegame and endgame theory.

Those who are interested may register from the link, Registration fee is Dh 420, inclusive of a workbook. Those who will be eligible for any of the Fide-approved coaching titles will be officially conferred the title after paying the title and licence fees to Fide.

Obtaining a Fide-approved coaching title is one of the requirements for acceptance as a chess coach or trainer at prestigious chess training academies and clubs, including the Dubai Chess and Culture Club.

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