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ECU School Chess Teacher Training Course in Budapest

The 3rd ECU School Chess Teacher training course took place in PODIT Educational and Chess Center in Budapest, from 25th-26th November.


The course comprised two days of interactive presentations, group discussions and practical exercises with focus on the teaching aspects of chess.

Participants, after completing the course, had to pass the online test to reach the ECU School Chess Teacher Certificate awarded by the ECU, as the confirmation for having an adequate level of chess knowledge and didactic methods for the classroom.


This qualification is recognized by the European national chess federations, as a standard of excellence. The course qualify towards continuing professional development and helps in building the teaching skills in chess with idea to improve the general educational attainment of children.

The ECU School Chess Teacher training course held in Budapest was led by the Chairman of the ECU Educational Commission Jesper Hall, and organised by the member of the ECU EDU Comission Ferenc Maurer in cooperation with the Hungarian Chess Federation.


15 chess teachers were rewarded with ECU School Chess Teacher Certificate in Budapest at the 25-26th November course: Lajos Ambrus, Bertina Antal-Berenyi, David Budai, Ferenc Csorsz, Zoltan Eberth, Jozsef Herpai, Zoltan Horvath, Jozsef Jeszenszky, Tamas Kis-Bank, Vilmos Nogrady, Miklos Tarsi, Zsombor Rozsa, Regina Tokes, Ildiko Zadeczki and Anita Burjan, a professor of mathematics, the first and the only one who passed the test with a result of 100%, without a single mistake.

ECU School Chess Teacher Training Course Budapest

ECU School Chess Teacher training courses came to a huge interest of chess trainers to participate the courses and very positive feedbacks by the attendees which confirms the importance and necessity of a course which focuses on didactics.

Interview with Judit Polgar about importance of Chess in Schools

Interview with Ferenc Maurer about the training course held in Budapest

Interview with Ferenc Maurer about Chess in Schools program

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