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English Seniors Championships 2023 – Over 65

The English Seniors Championships 2023 will take place from 04-08 May 2023 in Woodland Grange Hotel, Leamington Spa, England. The time control is 90 minutes for the whole game with a 30-second increment from move one. The tournament is separated int two different categories – Over 50 and Over 65. The Over 65 section will be 7-round Swiss system tournament with participation of Paul E Littlewood, Chris W Baker, Chris Cw Shephard, Ian L Snape, Mark E Page, Kevin Bowmer, Geoffrey R Moore, Robert G Clark, Paul Raynes, Paul A Hutchinson, etc.
Live games from the English Seniors Championships 2023 – Over 65 will be daily on

Parallel :  All-Russian chess competition among men’s teams “Major League” / The XXX Russian Chess Championship among men’s teams “Premier League”  / The XXIV Russian Chess Championship among women’s teams / The 4th Stepan Avagyan Memorial 

Full list of players :

No. NameFideIDFEDRtg
1IMLittlewood, Paul E400190ENG2347
2IMBaker, Chris W401676ENG2272
3 Shephard, Chris Cw470953ENG2189
4 Snape, Ian L404489ENG2167
5 Page, Mark E417050ENG2157
6 Bowmer, Kevin416690ENG2093
7 Moore, Geoffrey R446181ENG2088
8 Clark, Robert G421162ENG2080
9 Raynes, Paul6000274ENG2077
10 Hutchinson, Paul A411558ENG2047
11 Hutchinson, Norman A411540ENG2037
12 Mcnally, Richard J E422738ENG2029
13 Myall, Ivan J425168ENG2003
14 Bray, Dave J466115ENG2000
15 Erdogan, Hassan465917ENG1998
16 Tucker, David S408689ENG1991
17 Stokes, Mike R442542ENG1973
18 Bellers, Chris Jv433730ENG1955
19 De Coverly, Roger D405213ENG1954
20 Barton, R Alan404233ENG1917
21 Goodwin, Ed H408972ENG1891
22 Daniels, David W343408443ENG1841
23 Clancy, Martin J2403404ENG1814
24 Baguley, John436755ENG1811
25 Pollyn, Stephen M447382ENG1791
26 Neatherway, A Philip418854ENG1789
27 Hall, Alan A449652ENG1756
28 Earlam, Anthony11100320ENG1731
29 Waldock, Adrian Dp417300ENG1700
30 Seymour, Paul433128ENG1665
31 Jerome, Stellio496847ENG1615
32 Morris, Nigel W451703ENG1601
33 Jones, Michael R436577ENG1575
34 Carpenter, David J ENG1523
35 Collins, Nigel343419011ENG1497
36 Selley, Susan A ENG1400
37 Robinson, Steve448672ENG1377
38 Hanks, Peter ENG1249

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